Elops 300 City Bike - Black

    Designed for regular cycling around town in comfort.

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    Characteristics Designed for regular cycling around town in comfort.
    Product Benefits
    1. User comfort
      Wide saddle and wide tyres to absorb vibrations.
    2. Ease of use
      Pannier and front dynamo-powered light, 6 speeds, mudguard, stand.
    3. Visibility
      Front dynamo light, rear battery-powered light, wheel and pedal reflectors.
    4. Versatility
      6-speed derailleur controlled by indexed grip shifters for extra precision.
    5. Lifetime warranty
      Lifetime warranty
      B’Twin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebars and rigid fork.
    • Size
      S/M (1.55m - 1.75m); L/XL (1.75m - 1.95m)
    • Weight
      17 kg in size M.
    • Colour
    Product feature
    1. Frame
      High-strength steel. Unisex, urban geometry (Dutch-style frame): lowered frame for easy mounting/dismounting. The frame geometry is specially designed for cycling around town. Sizes available: S/M (1.55m−1.75m, 26" wheels) or L/XL (1.75m−1.95m, 28" wheels).
    2. Drive train
      6-speed grip shifters. 6-speed rear derailleur, single chain ring, crank. 6 speeds are all you need for urban journeys on moderately sloping terrain.
    3. Brakes
      Front and rear steel V-brake callipers. Aluminium brake levers. Efficient and safe braking. Low maintenance and few adjustments. The brake pads can be easily replaced when worn.
    4. Handlebars / Stem / Steering
      Steel handlebars with a specially designed geometry; steel damper stem. Bolt-on, anti-theft seat clamp, comfortable saddle, steel seat post. The riding position has been designed to offer good handling and visibility. The raised handlebar helps you maintain an upright and ergonomic position. Steel headset size: 1 inch (threaded).
    5. Saddle / seat post
      Wide B'Twin saddle to offer maximum comfort. A comfortable saddle for urban cycling!
    6. Wheels
      Aluminium, corrosion-resistant rims, bolt-on hub. City-specific, stiff-bead tyres (26"/650 mm and 28"/700 mm diameter).
    7. Tyres
      City-specific tyres for excellent traction. Gel reinforced puncture-resistant inner tubes that reduce the risk of punctures. 26" stiff bead, city tyres. Inner tubes are equipped with car valves: tyres can be inflated at a service station. Tyres require a consistent pressure of between 3.5 and 4.5 bars (depending on user weight) to prevent punctures and rim distortion.
    8. Weight
      17 kg.
    9. Accessories / Equipment
      Front dynamo light and rear battery-powered light mudguard, chain guard. Side stand, pannier rack (max load: 25 kg, suitable for carrying a baby seat).
    Product testing
    1. Product restrictions
      Do not use on rough or rugged terrain. Pannier rack max: 25 kg
    2. Product catchline
      A stylish, Dutch-style, city bike. Fully equipped, comfortable and ergonomic for an upright riding position.
    Product reviews
    3.8 / 5
    6 reviews
    6 users recommend this product
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    • Great for its price, low quality mounting tools.

      Luis Adán (United Kingdom)
      Used for
      The bike itself is great, if you order it online the tyres come more than sufficiently inflated. The pedals are easy to configure and the bike seems to work well for its medium price.
      However, there are no instructions as where/ how the rear light should be installed, thus I have not even set the light up. Also, the tools provided for mounting the bike are of really low quality so they might break during the mounting process as happened to one of mine. So keep this in mind if you buy them online as you may need to borrow someone else's tools in other to be able to get your bike up and running.
      The bike seems sturdy.
      Tools provided are very low quality.
    • A wonderful bike!

      Tim (United Kingdom)
      Used for
      Having ridden a Dutch bike in Amsterdam, I knew this was just what I was after. A typical British bike nowadays tips you forward causing back and wrist strain. This bike is entirely free of that - it is a joyous feeling. It's also sturdy, well designed and manufactured and it's stylish. A lady in a mini slowed to let me pass and said 'cool bike.' Being strong and sturdy though, it is heavy to lift, which isn't an issue for me, but could be for some.

      However, it really comes to life when you ride it. It zooms along. Much faster than my previous BMX style bike. It is much easier to ride up the massive hill near my house also. The 6 gears are excellent and change easily with no slips, unlike my other bike with far more, unnecessary gears.

      This is a road bike. It's fitted with road tyres (stylish white ones!) Which is part of why it goes so fast. That is what it is designed for and it is not suitable for riding over rough terrain. Buy a BMX style if that's your thing.

      Finally, I love the absence of the high cross bar on almost all men's bikes, making it so easy to get on and off, and reducing the risk of injury... It also came fitted with a dynamo front light (just press the button down and tilt it against the tyre) and a neat rear red light including battery.

      This bike is less than half the price of other Dutch style bikes, but the build quality is identical to the ones in Amsterdam. I am cycling most days now and it's a joy.
    • B'twin Elops 300 Dutch Style City Bike

      Graham (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      It was at least fifteen years since I had cycled and at 68 years of age was nervous of using a bike again. I wanted a cycle which was sturdy, easy to use and suited to short distance rides eg for local shopping and journeys. I wanted a basic number of gears preferably with a swist-grip gear change.

      After a wobbly start I have begun to enjoy cycling again and the bike has met all the criteria well. However it does take a little time to get used to the point of balance and its sturdiness comes with some feel of weight but once you have got used to that it is an enjoyable ride.

      I was very impressed with the Sales Service at Decathlon. My son, who is an experienced cyclist, collected the bike and brought it home on the cycle carrier attached to the vehicle. When having a 'test ride' he discovered that the handlebars were loose and the brakes not properly adjusted. He was disappointed that the preparation for the road done by Decathlon had allowed this to happen.

      As an overall experience I am very satisfied with the bike and in spite of the hiccups would certainly use Decathlon again.
      The comfort of the sit up and cycle position
      The set up by the store before riding
    • Missing a pannier bolt and nut

      Janice (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      I haven't used this yet as i brought a child pannier seat (along with other items) to go on the back of this bike. It arrived with DHL and i wasn't impressed how it was man handled. The box that held the bike was broken and torn. After signing for both boxes and putting it together i realised there is a bolt and nut missing on the pannier frame. Needles to say i wanted to use this with my grandson but i cant. I emailed customer services and they said that they will contact courier to see if it has been found. I find this unbelievable that i have now got to wait for them to reply and then decathlon to get back to me and on top of this i still haven't got the bolt. I have pictures which i sent with my email and can supply again. The bike itself is lovely and just what i wanted, shame i haven't got all the parts.!!!!
      Easy to put together
      Customer service, courier, and part missing
    • Feels like an elephant

      Jonathan (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      I only had this bike for a week and took it back as it was not for me.

      I ride 50 miles a week doing errands and delivering goods in my job around my local area so thought a city bike was what I wanted and six gears would be enough for me. However the gearing on this bike is useless around town.

      I rode around in first gear most of the time doing 6 mph sometimes getting up to second and hitting 10 mph. I only got into sixth gear once down a steep slope and hit 22 mph. It is very hard to peddle this bike and do a reasonable speed.

      I did not like the wide handle bars and as the bike is very slow this made it feel like I was riding an elephant.

      There is a useful rear carrier. The low bar above the peddles is not good as when you rest a bag on it peddling is impossible.

      I had a problem with the front light powered by a dynamo as it did not work at all.

      Also the seat was not comfortable.

      After a week and covering 50 miles I had enough and took the bike back and got a refund.
      Carrier useful
      very slow, wide handlebars, front light broken
      Response of the brand
      Hi Jonathan,

      I am sorry to hear about the suitability of the bike that you bought.  The Elops range is designed to do distances of less than 5km in around the city on fairly flat roads. I think you'd be more suited to the Hoprider range or the Original range with  pannier.
      I will let the product manager know of the other problems that you occurred while you had the bike so that this can be looked at on future bikes.

      Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
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