Plastic Isothermal Food Box - Blue

    Designed for keeping your meal hot or cold.

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    Characteristics Designed for keeping your meal hot or cold.
    Product Benefits
    1. Isothermal
      Starting temperature 95°C 62°C after 6hrs, 48° after 12hrs, 33° after 24H.
    2. Flexibility
      An upper compartment for putting your accessories in and two food boxes
    3. Easy transport
      Built-in handle
    4. Capacity
      1,6 litres
    • Material
    • Volume
      1.6 litre
    • Dimensions
      17,5 x 23 cm
    • Weight
    Product feature
    1. Instructions for use: how to optimise the performance of your isothermal flask.
      Fill you food box with hot water for 5 minutes. Ideally, heat your food in the food box. WARNING!! THE FOOD BOX MUST BE OPEN FOR USE IN A MICROWAVE. Put on the first cover for storing your accessories and close your food box. Do not put the main part of the food box in the dishwasher as this could reduce its insulating properties.
    2. Optimisation of thermal resistance
      Following the same procedure (hot water prior to use) will help you get the best performance from your product. Also works for keeping food cold.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Chassis : 50.0% Polyurethane (PU), 50.0% Polypropylene (PP) Cap : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP) Joint/Gasket : 100.0% Silicone
    2. Storage advice
      Wash and dry before storing. Store in a clean and dry place.
    3. Cleaning advice
      Wash and rinse before first use; use standard cleaning products.
    4. Product catchline
      A first price, simple and practical food box. An upper compartment for storing accessories. Supplied with two food boxes
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    4 / 5
    2 reviews
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    • Isothermal box Plastic Food Box - green

      Ian (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I heated the container with boiling water then replaced then lid. I heat my soup until it boiled,emptied the water out,placed the soup in the tub and placed in the container,lid secured.the food only kept hot for about 4 hours,but was still warm after 6 hours if you can eat your food tepid. Better for keeping items cold
      good strong and sturdy
      Doesn't keep food hot for long
    • Plastic Food Box/ packed lunch

      Ana Maria (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      It really keeps the food hot more than 5 hours, It's awesome!! But it's too big for a packed lunch for a kid. They have to make the same article smaller for kids, for the packed lunch at school.
      It really keeps the food hot!! Works it!!
      It's too big