Short 12 litre 230 bar tank diving cylinder

    Designed for DIVERS who dive on a REGULAR basis.

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    Characteristics Designed for DIVERS who dive on a REGULAR basis.
    Product Benefits
    1. Capacity
      Short 12 litres. 230 Bars
    2. Flexibility
      Twin outlet valve.
    Product feature
    1. Roth diving tank
      The tank consists of: - a steel cylinder, - a twin outlet yoke valve, - PVC boot, - carry handle, - protective net,
    2. Boot and handle
      The PVC boot is tailored to fit the diameter of the bottles and allows them to stay in a vertical position. An opening is provided at the bottom to evacuate residual water and to make it easier to remove. The carry handle is made of two parts enabling it to be assembled and removed without having to unscrew the valve.
      It is forbidden to carry out repairs by welding, riveting or drilling the cylinder or any operations involving removal of material or significant rises in temperature of the cylinder (maximum 300°C)
    4. Routine maintenance
      We recommend rinsing the cylinder daily with fresh water without forgetting the bottom (hole provided for this purpose in the PVC boot; this drains seawater, removes sand and avoids abrasion of the paint and premature corrosion). Immediately touch up areas of chipped paint due to impact or abrasion
    5. Periodical maintenance
      This tank is subject to regular periodic inspections as required by the legislation in force in the country of use. These checks must only be performed by qualified establishments or persons. (Order of the 15 March 2000, in France, makes annual visual inspection by a visual inspection technician mandatory; retesting every 5 or 2 years)
    6. Storage
      Before prolonged storage, it is advisable to perform the maintenance actions outlined above as well as rinsing with fresh water and thoroughly drying the inside of the cylinder. Moreover, it is strongly recommended: -to store the cylinder upright in a temperate, clean and dry place, -to maintain low residual pressure inside the cylinder in order to remove any dust and condensation that may have entered through the valve opening.
      Never inflate a lifting bag with bare valve gear (without a regulator). - Never leave a cylinder empty with the valve open. - Never leave cylinder exposed to spray and waves or in the water at the bottom of a boat.
      - Keep residual air pressure in the cylinder in order to drain any water that has entered by the valve opening. If the cylinder was fully emptied when diving, leave the regulator in place until it is under shelter. -Never empty cylinders too quickly in order to prevent the valve gear from frosting and significant condensation inside the cylinder.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      flow-formed steel tank. Regulatory information is engraved on the neck of the cylinder. The cylinders are protected against corrosion: externally, by a layer of plating, a coat of primer and two coats of polyurethane paint and fully shot blasted internally.
    2. Storage advice
      Stock the tank upright at minimum internal pressure (1 bar) in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
    3. Cleaning advice
      salt water resistant. Rinse with fresh water before prolonged storage. Have your tank fully tested every 2 years unless the tank is registered at a scuba diving club. If this is the case, the tank requires a yearly visual check by a certified technician w
    4. Product restrictions
      Tanks must be retested every 2 years.
    5. Product catchline
      This 12 litre 230 bar tank is fitted with twin outlet valves This model is designed for regular divers looking for optimal comfort and safety when diving.
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