4-Blade Right-Handed Boomerang

    Designed for Beginner to intermediate level throwers from age 12 looking for an easy-to-catch boomerang. Available in left- and right-handed

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    Characteristics Designed for Beginner to intermediate level throwers from age 12 looking for an easy-to-catch boomerang. Available in left- and right-handed
    Product Benefits
    1. Ease of use
      Ease of use
      Boomerang with a stable and slow trajectory, making it easier to catch
    2. Distance
      22 - 25 metre range. Works in no wind, low wind and moderate wind.
    3. Aerodynamics
      Designed to be easier to catch. Good lift thanks to the wide blades.
    • Material
    Product feature
    1. Dimensions
      Blade length: 14.5 cm 4-blade injected polypropylene boomerang. Thickness: 4 mm
    2. Features
      A 4-blade boomerang with smooth lines. A particularly stable and slow circular trajectory, making it easier to catch as you can see it coming towards you. Ergonomically designed for better handling, the hollow area at the end of the blade naturally fits your folded index finger. Its wide blades give it good lift. It is forgiving of any mistakes made when throwing. This boomerang can be thrown in no wind, low wind and moderate wind.
    3. Shape
      Inspired by a competition boomerang, it has been adapted to be accessible to as many people as possible. The blades of this 4-blade boomerang are curved backwards, resulting in a lower trajectory that flies closer to the ground.
    4. This boomerang is available in left- and right-handed
      Like any boomerang, the TRIBORD boomerang has a leading edge and a trailing edge. This is why a right-handed boomerang cannot be thrown by someone who is left-handed. The model is available in left- and right-handed. The leading edge must always be pointing forwards in the flight direction. IT IS MARKED ON THE BACK OF THE BOOMERANG WHETHER IT IS RIGHT- OR LEFT-HANDED
    5. How to launch a boomerang
      THROW THE BOOMERANG WITH THE COLOURED SIDE VISIBLE - COLOURED SIDE FACING YOU. Position yourself facing the wind. POSITION THE BOOMERANG SO THAT IT'S PERPENDICULAR TO THE GROUND Lightly tilt the boomerang by around 15 degrees. Launch the boomerang at an angle of 45 degrees away from the wind. NB: DO NOT THROW THE BOOMERANG HORIZONTALLY. Beginners often tend to throw boomerangs horizontally. This will send it sharply up in the air and then it will fall back down again.
    6. Pro tips!
      For an even more precise trajectory, adjust the dihedral and the angle of attack. We recommend that you bend and twist it to give it a slightly positive dihedral and angle of attack on each of the blades for a shorter trajectory that is closer to the ground, especially when there is no wind. If the wind is stronger, try tying a small elastic band at the end of each blade which will weigh it down slightly and significantly slow down your boomerang at the end of its flight.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Main fabric : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP)
    2. Storage advice
      Do not expose to high temperatures
    3. Cleaning advice
      Clean with a cloth
    4. Product restrictions
    5. Product catchline
      4-blade boomerang with a particularly stable and slow circular trajectory, making it easier to catch as you can see it coming towards you.
    6. Lab tested
      Tribord's range of boomerangs was designed in partnership with an international champion in the discipline. All of our products have been tested in use by experts in order to find the most suitable shape to make boomerang throwing easier.
    Product reviews
    3.2 / 5
    33 reviews
    33 users recommend this product
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    • nice thing for outdoor game with children

      Ranjan (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      read instructions of use. this is very important. try to use in open space.
    • Returns to base

      Ranju (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Gains height in winds and thus shortens the majestic travel path - the beauty of the travel path is lost if a boomerang gains sudden height & kind of falls straight to base in winds. Needs some minor modifications.
      Built quality
      Gains height in winds
      Response of the brand
      Hi Ranju,

      Thank you for your feedback, and sorry about the problem you suffered with the quad blade boomerang. The Boomerang works best in no wind or low wind. Here's where you can find the best explanation: It should be oriented at a 45 degrees angle to the axis of the wind, and you should be fine with the glide. In any case, please feel free to exchange or return the product at any Decathlon store across India. I am at your disposal in case of any other requirement.

      Best Regards,
      Kanika Nagia
      E-sport manager | Watersports
    • Ein Bumerang

      Rita (Germany)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      An dem Bumerang gibt es nichts auszusetzen. Es handelt sich um einen guten flugfähigen Bumerang. Wie bei jedem Bumerang muss man die grundlegenden Parameter beachten und gegebenenfalls korrigieren, wenn er nicht zurückkommt: Windrichtung und -stärke, Layover und Abwurfwinkel, sind die Flügel negativ oder positiv gebogen, Spin geben, etc.
      Richtig eingestellt und bei leichtem Wind kann man dann Anzeige wegen fahrlässiger Körperverletzung gegen den Hersteller stellen, weil man ermattet zu Boden sinkt, wenn man partout nicht freiwillig aufhören will, bevor man ihn einmal nicht gefangen hat ... sagt mein Mann.
    • fliegt gut, nix für Kinder

      Matthias (Germany)
      Used for 1 week or less
      wenn man es erst mal raus hat fliegt er sehr gut und kommt auch wieder zurück man muss halt immer auf die Windrichtung achten
      fangen kann allerdings sehr schmerzhaft sein des teil ist knüppel hart und dreht sich schnell ich denke damit kann man sich auch die Zähne ausschlagen wenn man nicht aufpasst
    • fliegt wirklich stabil, aber dreht etwas zu sehr

      alik (Germany)
      Used for 1 week or less
      also für den preis kann man echt nicht meckern. nach einer stunde wirft damit sogar mein 6-jähriger sohn ziemlich gute kreise. generell dreht der bumerang sich aber am flugende etwas zu sehr ein, sodass ein 100%iger wurf mir bislang nicht gelungen ist. aber bis auf vier meter kommen wir an die ausgangsposition zurück. bei windstille.
      macht schon spaß.
      preis, flugverhalten sehr stabil
      kann man die flugkurve noch etwas optimieren?
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