"500 Surf Kite" - Wave Kitesurfing Board - 5'4 - 28L

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    Designed for advanced, intermediate or beginner riders of all sizes

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    Product benefits
    1. Glide performance
      Powerful shape Optimised hull + rocker to prevent nose diving
    2. Durability
      Reinforced wood + fibreglass sandwich on the deck to reduce nose diving
    3. Flexibility
      Straps and leash can be added. All types of FCS fins can be installed
    4. Cushioning
      Comfortable 3D pads Foot hook at the back of the board Soft-edge fins
    Product feature
    1. Our shaper: Guillaume, trained engineer, innovation project manager... and kitesurfer!
      This board has been designed taking into account the basic needs of a versatile surf kite board. It is easy to ride: from beginners boarding for the first time in light winds to intermediates wanting to do tricks in nice wave conditions. The overall shape of the board gives you powerful carving and stable bottom turns. More experienced riders will be able to take advantage of its ability to carve turns.
    2. A few words from the shaper: THE SHAPE EXPLAINED
      The design of the hull and the rocker have been specially optimised to give a fast planing start and to avoid nose dives. The bevel rails at the front have been designed to keep the board stable, even on choppy water. The balanced noseless shape keeps the board in place under the feet in the air, especially when used strapless, for easy learning and fast progression to jumping.
    3. A few words from the shaper: CONSTRUCTION & SET-UP
      Great care has been focused on the construction to make the board durable, with wood and fibreglass sandwich reinforcements, specifically placed in the foot landing zones for jumps. Advanced riders can replace the soft fins with composite fins to boost the board's performance. We chose a strapless set-up to help with quick and fun learning of surf kiteboarding, but straps can be added using the inserts
      Strapless board supplied with: - set of three soft-edge fins - two stuck-on non-slip pads - user guide, legal notices and care instructions Volume: 28 litres Length: 5'4 Width: 19'' Type of screws to purchase to add straps: Cross recessed pan head tapping screw, DIN 7981-C Stainless steel 5.5 mm x 25 mm We advise against using a board leash and recommend learning and mastering towed swimming.
    5. WHO IS IT FOR?
      The size and volume of the ORAO 500 SURF KITE also make it a great toy for light wind! You can explore lower wind ranges that would be out of your reach on a standard-sized twin tip. The 500 surf kite is also suitable for riders of all weights with its 28-litre volume.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      PPR251 : 100.0% Polystyrene (EPS) - Expanded Outside Shell - Main fabric : 100.0% Epoxy Structure : 100.0% Wood - Hard
    2. Product restrictions
      Do not drop, drag or knock it, it will thank you for it!
    3. Product catchline
      An easy-to-ride, versatile and powerful board, shaped by us! Beginners & intermediates will be able to ride safely thanks to the soft fins, advanced riders can boost it by installing composite fins
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