ACTIVE swimming mask size L

    € 15.58

    Designed for beginner swimmers who are seeking comfort and a panoramic field of vision.

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    Product benefits
    1. Field of vision
      Panoramic field of vision, >150°, to see all that is going on around you.
    2. Adjustable
      1 adjustment: strap, simple and intuitive adjustment at the sides.
    3. Stability
      Standard stability, diving not recommended.
    4. Waterproof
      The seals are very soft and easily adapt to fit the shape of your face.
    5. Anti-fogging
      Anti-fogging treatment.
    6. Sun protection
      Sun protection
      UV protection component
    • Size
      L / large faces
    • Frequency
      Regular swimmers
    • Field of vision
      Panoramic vision
    • Adjustment
      One-piece nose bridge
    • Size
      L / large faces
    Product feature
      The watertightness of the swimming goggles is dependent on the proper fit of the silicone seal with the shape of your face. Before purchase, we advise you to do the "suction" test without the strap. If the goggles hold on your face by themselves with slight suction, the product will be watertight during your swim. This allows you to see if the size is too tight or too big. THE ACTIVE MASK IS OFFERED IN TWO SIZES: S for small faces and L for large faces.
      You should: - rinse your goggles after use - put them in a box between each session to prevent any contact with the lenses (inside where the anti-fog coating is located, and outside to avoid any scratches that may impact your visibility). NEVER TOUCH/RUB THE INSIDE OF YOUR LENSES.
    3. FOG
      The appearance of fog depends on several factors, the difference in temperature between the body and the water, humidity levels, etc. Wear due to friction is one of the main causes. If your goggles fog up, dip your lenses in the water and a protective film will reform. Be aware that after a certain amount of time it is normal for the performance of the anti-fog coating to be diminished.We offer an anti-fog marker which reactivates the anti-fog coating and increases the lifetime of your goggles.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC) Joint/Gasket : 100.0% Silicone Backing : 100.0% Silicone Buckles : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC)
    2. Storage advice
      Put the goggles back in their pouch between your sessions. Important: Do not touch the inside of the lenses to avoid damaging the anti-fog treatment.
    3. Product catchline
      Very comfortable swimming mask thanks to its flexible nose bridge and soft skirts that adapt to fit the shape of your face, guaranteeing an excellent watertight seal.
    Product reviews
    4.3 / 5
    15 reviews
    15 users recommend this product
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    • Perfect For Daily Swimmers

      Arjun (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Has a solid frame and works for me top notch build quality bit expensive but worth it if u plan on swimming daily and want to invest on it looking at quality.
    • Good

      Claudian (India)
      Used for 1 week or less
      This fits well and had decent suction. Some issues to note. When used at the swimming pool it covers a part of the nose and has issues when breathing out. Need to adjust it so that it fits on the upper ridge of the nose. Also the suction is not always perfect unless you press it against the face and can lek sometimes.

      Santhosh (India)
      Used for 1 week or less
      I had already bought two goggles from Decathlon and was very happy with those products. I was planning for this product because of the panoramic vision and had huge expectations while buying. I have been using this product for a week now and the product disappointed me big time. Though the panoramic vision was good yet the anti fogging faded within 3 days. I rinse the goggles with freshwater after I finish my swimming, though it was not of great use. Within seconds its all foggy inside goggles. Definitely not up-to its standard. Decathlon could do much better.
      Response of the brand
      Hello Santhosh,

      Thank you for rating the Active swimming mask. Your feedback is important for us to improve our products year on year.

      I apologize for the bad experience you have faced with the swimming  mask. At Decathlon, all our swimming goggles are treated with an anti- fogging layer that prevents the lenses from fogging up. The reason your lenses are getting blur is because the anti- fogging layer has been disturbed. This could have happened if you have touched the lenses with your fingers or cleaned the lenses with a cloth. The ideal way of cleaning y our swimming goggles is by dipping it in water and letting it air dry by itself.

      I invite you to any of our Decathlon stores across India to have the swimming mask exchanged for a product that best suits your requirement. Our sales advisers will be happy to guide you in case you have any queries.

      I stay available in case you have further questions. Have a good day.

      Pearl Sharrell
      E-Sports Leader
      Water Sports
    • very good

      Hansa (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      its a vry good product as it snugly fit on water leakage.
      Qualitywise also good
    • Product is good but the lens quality is bad

      RAHUL (India)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I've used the product only a handful number of times and the lens/glass has already attracted permanent scratches.
      This has considerably affected my vision during swimming
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