BC 14.16 STS CAD Wireless Cyclometer (With Cadence Sensor)

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    Designed for cyclists who regularly ride in the mountains.

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    Product benefits
    1. Parameter measurement
      14 functions (including altimeter and cadence).
    2. Easy assembly / dismantling
      Simple wireless tool-free assembly.
    3. Ease of use
      Ease of use
      Simplified setting and menu in 7 languages.
    4. Easy reading
      Large backlit dot-matrix screen.
    5. Durability
      Watertight assembly, durable case.
    6. Connectivity
      Connects to an Android smartphone using NFC.
    Product feature
    1. Speed function
      Current speed. Average ride speed. Maximum ride speed.Speed comparison (indicates if current speed is above or below your average speed for the current ride).
    2. Distance function
      Ride distance (distance covered on that ride). Total distance (since you installed the cyclometer).Total distance for 2 bikes. Separate odometer with manual start/stop.
    3. Time function
      Time elapsed (for current ride). Total training time (since counter was installed). Total time for 2 bikes. Time.
    4. Altimeter function
      Current altitude. Adjustable starting altitude. Maximum altitude. Total elevation gain. Total elevation gain for several bikes. Uphill/downhill gradient (in percent). Altitude profile.
    5. Pedalling cadence function
      Cadence. Average cadence.
    6. Other functions
      Current temperature.Back-lit. Automatic start/stop. Replace battery warning (counter). Replace battery warning (sensor). Send data to PC via TOPLINE 2016 connection station. 7 languages available. Link to app over NFC (Android). Training stats for last 12 months.
    7. Dimensions
      Box: Height x Width x Depth: 53.2 mm x 40.3 mm x 12.2 mm. Display Height x Width: 27 mm x 37 mm.
    8. Kit contents
      ATS / STS 2032 handlebar mount. STS speed sensor/transmitter. STS cadence sensor/transmitter. Powerful magnet. 2 mount rings (Ø 35mm, 45 mm).
    Product testing
    1. Product catchline
      14 function bike computer with cadence.A wide range of altitude functions including a graphic display of the altitude profile, as well as gradient in %.
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    • Sigma Sport

      Mike (United Kingdom)
      Used for
      Went out on a Triathlon event and the screen went blank with a black line down the centre of the display, then it just seemed to right itself after about 40min and the data carried on from where it stopped, but obviously it wasn't accurate having lost 40min of ride time !
      Response of the brand
      I'm sorry to read that the computer decided to give up the ghost mid ride. Very frustrating for you I'm sure.
      Please feel free to return it to us and we can offer a replacement item in exchange if the item is faulty.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
      Mike was satisfied with this answer
    • Inaccurate

      LEON (United Kingdom)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      I've used this device for a number of weeks. I noticed compared to my strava app it was no where near the information displayed. I've done a few rides each 50+ miles and each time it only shows a fraction of what i've done such as 28 miles. It was set up on my bike by a technician so thought maybe the settings were wrong so read the very primitive and confusing instructions but it still does not collect the correct information.
      Response of the brand
      Indeed it does sound odd that the reading is so far out. As long as the circumference of the wheel is accurately inputted onto the receiver then it simply multiplies each revolution by that piece of data to deliver an accurate reading. I could assume that the battery in the emitter is running out giving intermittent readings.
      Worth checking the battery possibly.
      Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON