Designed for Archery in CLUBS with a recurve bow up to 70 metres.

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    Characteristics Designed for Archery in CLUBS with a recurve bow up to 70 metres.
    Product Benefits
    1. Precision
      For competition us up to 70 metres. Straightness 0.007 cm / 61cm
    2. Forgiveness
      Available in 3 spines: 600,800,1000
    3. Durability
      Rolled carbon fibre shaft.
    4. Easy assembly / dismantling
      Instantly detachable arrowhead. Break-off limb tip system for weighting arrow.
    Product feature
      Spine 600 / Length 32 inches Spine 800/ Length 30 inches Spine 1000/ Length 28 inches
      WARNING: Please follow these recommendations to prevent any form of personal injury. Never shoot with a damaged arrow. A damaged arrow can shatter on release and injure you. Check arrow rest is in good condition and that it will not buckle under the strain of arrow action.
    3. SAFETY
      /! Never leave a bow in the hands of child that is not under constant supervision, store bow and arrows out of their reach /! Never shoot an arrow in the air, it can travel hundreds of metres /! Never set as your target: persons or animals, the shooting range must be clear /! Before each shot inspect arrow to check it is in good condition, withdraw your arrows when nobody is behind you /! Failure to follow safety instructions can cause MORTAL WOUNDS.
    Product testing
    1. Composition
      Structure : 100.0% Stainless steel
    2. Storage advice
      Store away from extreme damp and heat.
    3. Product restrictions
      Do not use with a compound bow. Use with a suitable target
    4. Product catchline
      The crown jewel of our accuracy know how!
    5. Lab tested
      Straigthness and stiffness (spine) of shaft measured and approved in our laboratories.
    Product reviews
    3.2 / 5
    5 reviews
    5 users recommend this product
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    • Inaccurate

      McCutcheon (United Kingdom)
      Used for 1 week or less
      Got 5 of these arrows to get my new bow setup and asked an club mate who is an expert archer to help. He tried for a long to get my bow tuned but gave up in frustration saying that the arrows were rubbish and would not group. He then borrowed a set of Easton 1816 Tribute which he said were a direct match. With the Easton Arrows he had my bow tuned in about 15 minutes and was shooting tight groups at 18M, (he is a "B" classification.

      Just to be certain he tried again with the geologic arrows but could only get 2 to group with the other 3 all over the target. If an experienced archer can't use these arrows what hope is there for beginners? £40 wasted on rubbish.
      Nicely finished
      Mismatched, don't group even with expert archer
      Response of the brand
      Hi Leslie,

      Many thanks for your mail, and apologies for the issues with the arrows. From your description they sound faulty, although at this point I can't tell you exactly why, we need to analyse the arrows and find out exactly what the issue is. I propose that you return the arrows, to your closet store or via the online process, we replace them with five new ones and take the faulty ones from you so that we can find out exactly what the problem is. I will of course inform you of the finidings once the team in France acertain the problem.
      Apologies once again for the issues and the inconvenience.
      Ross Farrington Market Manager DECATHLON
    • satisfait par ces fleches

      Michel (France)
      Used for 3 to 6 months
      pas de problème particulier avec ces flèches, que je n'ai pas encore eu l'occasion de tester en plein air sur des distances supérieures à 18m
    • flèches club 900

      stephane (France)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Produit intéressant mais on a du mal à saisir la différence entre les club 500, 700 et 900, à part le prix !
      trajectoir correct
      différences avec club 700 ou 500 ?
    • CLUB 900

      FRANCK (France)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      bon équilibre, solidité et robustesse
    • Club 900 nok te los op pijl

      MCJ (Netherlands)
      Used for 2 to 8 weeks
      Pijlen voldoen goed, maar de nok laat vrij snel los, nadat we de nokken vast gelijmd hadden braken ze af.
      Rode vervanging nokken besteld , deze blijven wel heel .
      Conclusie : pijlen zijn goed als je meteen de originele zwarte nokken vervangt voor de rode.