Elops 500 E Electric Bike - Dark Grey

Designed for effortlessly cycling around town or on outings thanks to electric assistance.

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Characteristics Designed for effortlessly cycling around town or on outings thanks to electric assistance.
Product Benefits
  1. User comfort
    Comfortable saddle, adjustable stem.
  2. Ease of use
    250 watt motor in the rear wheel, Shimano TX 6-speed.
  3. Power
    SAMSUNG 24V 8A lithium battery with cylindrical cells. 40 km range.
  4. Stability
    26" wheels (650 mm), steel frame. Double-wall rims.
  5. Lifetime warranty
    Lifetime warranty on frame and fork.
  • Sizes
    One size only
  • Colour
    Charcoal grey
  • Wheel size
    26 inches
  • Weight
    26 kg
Product feature
  1. Frame
    Lowered, steel frame makes it easy to get on and off. Made out of steel for a very strong bike. Designed for users between 1.60 m and 1.85 m tall.
  2. Fork
    Curved, steel fork to reduce vibrations.
  3. Drivetrain
    Shimano 6-speed with grip shifter. Easy to use. Single chainring crankset. Shimano derailleur.
  4. Motor / battery
    250 watts (complies with EU standard), brushless motor, mounted on the rear wheel. 24 volt / 8 A battery. Motor torque: 26 Nm. Very stable Samsung components. 2-year warranty (from 350 to 500 charge cycles at 100%). Approximately 30 to 45 km range in sport mode, up to 65 km in economy mode. The range depends on the weight of the rider, the type of use, the gradient, outdoor temperature, etc.
  5. Brakes
    Aluminium V-brakes with interchangeable pads. The weight and speed of electric bikes reduces the lifespan of your brake pads: in poor conditions (rain, regularly carrying loads on the bike, etc.) the lifespan is 400 km.
  6. Lighting.
    6 volt / 2.4W front light and 6 volt / 0.8W rear light with controls on the handlebars. Power supplied by the battery.
  7. Saddle / seat post
    Steel seat post, comfort saddle.
  8. Tyres / wheels
    26-inch, 36-spoke wheels with a double rim for extra sturdiness. Tyres with reflective strips.
  9. Accessories / equipment
    Built-in pannier rack, mudguard, chainguard, bell, and strong aluminium stand specifically designed to withstand the weight of an electric bike.
  10. Weight
    Bike comes with charger. Weight: 25.2 kg.
  11. Care tips
    Tyres lose pressure over time. This is normal since bike inner tubes are slightly porous. Don't forget to check your tyre pressure regularly. Riding with under-inflated tyres reduces your battery range, requires more pedalling effort, and increases the risk of punctures. Before performing any work on your electric bike (cleaning, electrical or mechanical maintenance), you must turn off your electric bike and remove the battery.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame : 100.0% Steel
  2. Storage advice
    B’Twin recommends charging the battery after each ride. If it is flat, charge it as soon as possible. Irreparable damage may occur if the battery remains flat for too long.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Tyres lose pressure over time. This is normal since bike inner tubes are slightly porous. Don't forget to check your tyre pressure regularly. Riding with under-inflated tyres reduces your battery range, requires more pedalling effort, and increases the ri
  4. Product catchline
    An electric bike that's excellent value for money. Easy to use (easy to start, controls on the handlebars) with a battery range of up to 40 km.
Product reviews
5 / 5
5 reviews
5 users recommend this product
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  • Generally Pretty Good II

    Jos (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Some more comments after a few weeks of use.

    The lack of response and weight of the bike no longer seems like much of an issue. I think it's just a matter of getting used to a different style of gear shift.
    Does what it is supposed to. Very reasonable price
  • Great bike!

    Lyudmila (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Very good bike and definitely good value for money. Makes cycling fun again with the age...
    Very comfortable to ride, fast and stable.
    Too heavy.
  • Great!

    Carolyn (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    I am so happy with this bike. I live in a hilly area, and it really helps. I don't use the motor on the flat, and although the bike is heavy it is suprisingly easy to pedal, and for most hills the ECO mode is enough to give you a boost. I was worried that this basic model wouldn't be up to the job, but it is. I still get a bit of a workout, but no longer have to get off and walk when it gets too steep for me.
    Quick release wheels would be nice.
  • A great electric bike.

    Peter (United Kingdom)
    Used for 3 to 6 months
    We purchased 2 of these bikes after trying them in a Spanish Decathlon store. Sadly they are not available to trial in the English stores. However, don't let that put you off these bikes, even though they are at the cheaper end of the electric bike market they are well built, comfortable to ride and provide enough electrical assistance for what the vast majority of users would require.
    The bikes are on the heavy side, but they are easy to ride without assistance, and whenever you come to a hill or headwind you simply press the power button and away you go. We rarely use the higher power setting as eco mode gives enough power to climb most hills. I would say that the quoted range would be achievable whilst using eco mode. The higher settings do seem to deplete the battery a lot quicker than you would expect.
    For people who may be considering these to go on a cycle carrier, I can confirm that 2 of these bikes will fit on a Fiamma cycle rack. Just note the weight of them for lifting them on.
    Overall I would definitely recommend these bikes, the online ordering was easy enough and the service in the store on collection was good.
    Surprisingly good build quality
    Not available to trial in store
  • Great for commuting

    Majed (United Kingdom)
    Used for 7 to 12 months
    This is the best bike I ever had. I am not usually writing reviews, but an incident which lately happened to me, drove me to write this review. I bought this bike a year ago, I was with a friend while buying it, and I had the rack installed on the car. When I tried to carry it and mount it on the bike rack, it was practically impossible, even after removing the battery. The bikes chasis is not standard, and simply can't be mounted.
    I gave him my car, and had to ride back home (around 30 KM) on half charge. It went OK.
    The bike is so heavy, and bumpy on roads. I have another decathlon Original 500, which has front hydraulic suspension, and is very soft on bumpy roads.
    Using the bike over and over, I discovered that you can easily make 50 km if you go on eco, and pedal, as the motor cuts off after 25 km/hr. Range was never a problem.
    I started cycling more, and depending more on the bike, and less on the car, that now, I only drive when I am with the family. Alone, I would go anywhere with the bike within the range of 20 KM. A round trip of 40 KM on the bike is easy with no sweat. In Kuwait's summer, where temperatures are over 50, I can still cycle.
    I started going to my work with the bike, with a shirt, tie and trousers. The saddle's easy access is great, and the seat is comfortable.
    The metal rack is excellent, and helps mount anything.
    I am giving this bike a 5/5 review because of another thing. I recently had a knee injury, which was really bad. I stopped cycling for some time, hoping that rest can help fast healing. Discovering that the injury would take a really long time, and my urge to exercise forced me to get back on the saddle. Using the sports mode, and low gears (4 or 5) was really easy on the bad knee, and I can cycle with a bad knee.
    For this reason, I would highly recommend.
    Heavy duty, soft gears
    Heavy weight, hard on bumpy roads