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Adult Aikido Gi 500
  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
Adult Aikido Gi 500



Adult Aikido Gi 500

  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
  • Adult Aikido Gi 500
Adult Aikido Gi 500
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Our passionate team has designed this gi for doing aikido. Train hard and work through your belts, all the way to brown and black!

This durable, elegant gi has been designed by experts to let you move freely as you improve and hone your skills!


Breaking resistance

A gi with good tensile strength thanks to the 550 g/m² fabric.

Freedom of movement

Move freely while standing and while on the ground thanks to the specific aikido cut

Ease of use

Learn the aikido grips easily with the basic collar that's easy to hold.


Collaboration with Arthur Frattini, black belt - 5th Dan.

This gi is the fruit of a partnership with aikido instructor Arthur Frattini:
- Black belt - 5th Dan
- President of the CODEP 93 FFAAA
- Vice president of the Ligue IDF FFAAA
- Regional UFA jury

Check out Arthur's website:

The aim of this collaboration was to co-develop a gi specific to Aikido by paying attention to product design, user needs and Aikido codes.

The 500 aikidogi

To help you improve, we've created a gi that meets all your needs: correct sleeve length, no seam down the back, looseness at the shoulders, and a fitted waist so you can move with ease. And with the rice-grain and diamond patterns, it looks right at home in the dojo.
And the bottoms? They're more durable at the knees for floor-based combat and have a traditional cord fastening at the waist.

Weight and composition

The thickness of the fabric is expressed in grams per square metre. This is called grammage. For aikido, it's best to have a gi made from durable fabric that holds up to both tight grips and the washing machine as well!
That's why we chose a fabric in 65% cotton and 35% polyester: it holds up better to pulling and washing.
And at 550g/m², it's the perfect weight for intermediate aikidoka!


Choosing the right size uniform depends on your height!
Uniforms range from 160 to 200 cm. We recommend choosing a uniform which is at least 5 cm bigger than your height. For example, if you're 1.75 m tall, choose a 180 cm gi.

How to take care of your uniform

We suggest airing out your uniform after every use. To keep them white, be sure to wash them regularly. One pointer? Wash on a cold wash for the first few times. After that, you can wash it in temperatures up to 30°C. When you dry it, it's best to let it air dry and never use the dryer.