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Elastiband for Toning
  • Elastiband for Toning
  • Elastiband for Toning
  • Elastiband for Toning
  • Elastiband for Toning
Elastiband for Toning



Elastiband for Toning

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2 reviews
2 of 2 people recommends this product
  • Elastiband for Toning
  • Elastiband for Toning
  • Elastiband for Toning
  • Elastiband for Toning
Elastiband for Toning
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3 colours for 3 levels of difficulty! With Elastiband, you can work all the main muscle groups (arms, back, glutes, chest, shoulders, abs etc.)


Easy maintenance

Machine washable at 30°C. Easy to stow away and carry.


8 numbered handles for working all muscle groups.


What is toning?

The concept of muscle toning is to make muscles firmer i.e. tensing the muscle fibres which are used to support our skeleton and help us move our body and/or objects.
The aim is to develop muscle strength to maintain general health and well being.

Who is it for?

Although mainly practised by women, muscle toning is something that anyone can do, at any age.
This type of physical exercise is designed for sedentary people who no longer do regular sport or physical activity.

The benefits of toning

Toning is beneficial not only for a particular part of the body but also for the body as a whole. In this way it is different from classic gym exercises which only target one specific part of the body.
This technique sculpts the body and gets you into the habit of moving.
Muscle toning helps to: gently get back into sports, restore the figure and firm up your whole body (tummy, backside, arms and chest).

Dumbbell bodybuilding exercises to tone your muscles

We offer several bodybuilding exercises with dumbbells to work all the muscles in the body.
Follow along with the videos at domyos.com to work your shoulders, thighs, biceps, triceps and pecs.


4.5/5 2 reviews
2 of 2 people recommends this product
Very efficient and effective
Tim (United Kingdom) Used for 2 to 8 weeks
After relocating for a job and not finding a decent gym and not wanting to invest in an array of dumbells, I have started looking for non-gym exercises. It struck me how these bands are able to fatigue my muscles pretty fast. With some creative poses, it really hits your muscles during the complete range of motion. fe: standing triceps extensions activate also your biceps if you hold on positions 4-7 over your back for example.

Compensating for the relative light resistance, I'm using two of the 15kg at the same time. While it seems to be able to replace most of my lighter exercises and some cable - it can't really match my regular workout intensity for the larger muscle groups ( 60-80kg bench presses, 32kg flys, 220kg squats, ...). For beginner or intermediate toning, this product is really good.

I do worry at a moment the stitching will come loose or the elasticity of the bands will wear down after persistant usage.
portable, light, cheap
low resistance, afraid stitching might come loose
An amazingly cheap and efficient workout item
M (United Kingdom) Used for 7 to 12 months
An incredible product. I use it 6 days a week for a 40 minute workout of legs and arms. It's small enough to take everywhere with you. I'm presently travelling in South America for 10 months and it's with me!
You can get seriously fit with this... and it's so cheap! Everyone should have one!
Easy to use, fits in bag wherever I go. Use daily!
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