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  • Adult Padel Racket Sootar 24
  • Adult Padel Racket Sootar 24
Adult Padel Racket Sootar 24



Adult Padel Racket Sootar 24

  • Adult Padel Racket Sootar 24
  • Adult Padel Racket Sootar 24
Adult Padel Racket Sootar 24
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It's always easier to get started and make progress with a model like the Adidas Sootar Ctrl. Light, controlled and comfortable from your very first match!



The round shape and oversize design (519 cm2) help you to centre hits.


Lightweight construction with a medium balance to maximise swing.

Core stiffness

The combination of fibreglass and Soft Performance EVA gives maximum comfort.


Structural reinforcement for more stiffness and durability.


Who is this racket for?

We recommend the Adidas Sootar Ctrl 2024 to players who are starting padel and want a light, controlled racket, since its weight of 345-360 g makes it really easy to swing. On the court, you'll experience extraordinary control thanks to the round shape and medium balance. As for its composition, the fibreglass and Soft Performance EVA combine to bring you a more comfortable feel.

Balance: Medium

This is the racket balance point, measured in millimetres from the bottom of the racket handle.
The larger the number (high balance), the more power and stability you'll get from the racket but the heavier it will feel (even if it's not a heavy racket). However, you'll have to give up some manoeuvrability. The smaller the number (grip biased or handle heavy), the easier the racket will be to handle, but the less power and stability you'll get.

Weight: 345-360 g

The weight is measured in grammes. Just like the balance point, it impacts a racket's swingweight and therefore its manoeuvrability, stability and ability to transfer energy to the ball (power). The heavier the racket, the more power you'll get, but the harder it will be to handle. Conversely, the lighter the racket, the easier it will be to handle, but the less powerful it will be.

External material: Fibreglass

Fibreglass is the most flexible option for the external material. The more flexible the fibre, the easier the ball will come off the racket and the more comfortable the shot. With a less flexible fibre (such as carbon), we can get more power into the racket.

Internal material: Soft EVA Performance

Foam that provides great spin with an optimal ball exit and good shock absorption (comfort).

Smart Holes Lineal technology

Optimal hole distribution to improve power transfer and the precision of shots.

Structural Reinforcement technology

The reinforced points located on the outside of the frame make it very stiff to increase power.

Tips for storage and maintenance



2 Years