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Microfibre cloth case for glasses - MH ACC 120 - black



Microfibre cloth case for glasses - MH ACC 120 - black

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Soft microfibre pouch to protect glasses from scratches and to clean the lenses without damaging them.

Thanks to its microfibre material, the MH ACC 120 protects your lenses against scratches & cleans them gently so as not to damage them. The cord means the case can be closed for better protection


Abrasion resistance

Microfibre material: prevents your glasses from getting scratched.

Easy maintenance

Microfibre wipe: easily and effectively cleaning your glasses.



Material: Microfibre
Dimensions: 19 cm x 9.5 cm
Closing system: Cord

The microfibre material is ideal for looking after glasses and other optical products with lenses (over-glasses, clip-on lenses, etc.). The microfibre cloth is used for cleaning fingermarks, dust, etc. without scratching the lens.


Because we are aware that we must act to preserve our playground, Quechua is committed to limiting the environmental impact of its products.
Today, this product is not eco-designed, but we work every day to make it more responsible: eco-design, reparability and durability at the heart of our development process.