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„Travel 50“ vyriški languoti marškinėliai trumpomis rankovėmis, oranžiniai



„Travel 50“ vyriški languoti marškinėliai trumpomis rankovėmis, oranžiniai

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Quick drying

Dries very quickly thanks to its cotton/polyester blend fabric.

Odour control

The material is naturally anti-bacterial and delays the emergence of odours.


The chest pocket zips up to keep belongings secure.

Freedom of movement

The shape of the shirt guarantees great comfort when hiking.


Why a shirt rather than a t-shirt?

The shirt is designed in SLAY & PICK fabric. Unlike the KNIT of a T-shirt, for example, warp & weft fabric does not stick to the skin. Therefore, if you choose a shirt instead of a T-shirt you will have better ventilated clothing in which the air circulates more easily than in a T-shirt.

A shirt that creases less

Thanks to its fabric, the Travel 50 shirt creases less than a conventional shirt. When you take it out of your backpack, you will notice that it is less creased than a normal shirt.

Shirt fit

We have chosen a fit that is neither too wide or too fitted: The correct fit to guarantee a pleasant style and especially freedom of movement in all situations.