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XC Mountain Bike Gloves - Black



XC Mountain Bike Gloves - Black

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Lightweight and durable, the XC MTB gloves protect your hands with the outer mesh and perforated EVA insert. What's more, you can adjust them with the rip-tab strap on the wrist.



Perfectly feel and control the terrain with the smooth, insert-free palm.

User comfort

Enjoy the soft material on the palm and the well-ventilated mesh.

Easy dressing

Adapt the gloves to fit your wrist using the rip-tab strap.

Abrasion resistance

Protect your hands with the 3D mesh material and EVA pads between the fingers.


What is a "mesh" fabric?

Mesh fabric is thinner, lighter, and more airy than cotton or polyester fabric. This breathable fabric wicks away perspiration more quickly. The material doesn't leave a damp feeling on your skin which give you chills while cycling. So the mountain bike gloves are more comfortable to wear (second skin effect).

Why wear gloves in summer?

Cycling can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable. You can feel the bumps in the road or trail through your handlebars.
And if you fall, your hands will often get scraped. Wearing the right kind of gloves is therefore a real help if you want to be comfortable and safe as you ride.