Filtering pup trekking Trail Shot

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    Designed for The hiker and trekker who want to easily filter water while hiking.

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    Product benefits
    1. Ease of use
      Pump may be used with just one hand. 1L / minute. Replaceable filter. 142 g.
    2. Filtration
      Filters 99.9999% of bacteria (E. coli, etc.) and 99.9% of protozoons.
    3. Autonomy
      Filters up to 2000 litres of waters, blocks itself once the limit is reached.
    Product feature
    1. Directions for use
      This microfilter allows you to filter water directly from sources of water found all the wa along your route, to ensure instant hydration and fill your bottle or water pouch with drinkable water. Easy to use with one hand, it filters a litre of waterin just a minute, to allow you to get back on track quickly. Weighing only 142 g (5 oz), it also allows you to drink directly from the water source (without you needing to lie down in the mud).
    2. Functions
      The product is made of a pre-filter (to eliminate he biggest particles in suspension), a tube of 40 cm, a pump, a hollow fibre filter as well as a pouring spout equipped with a cap. When the filter is blocked, you may replace it with the help of the Trail Shotchange kit. Do not allow the product to fall or freeze.
    3. Maintenance tips
      Lea the filter cartridge every 8 litres to avoid the accumulation of dirt and to lentgthen the lifespan of the filter. 1/Pump until the bulb is half full. 2/Move the filter for 20 seconds. 3/Disconnect the water entry pipe. 4/ Compress the bulb to get the dirty water to come out. 5/Reconnect the pipe. If the pre-filter is blocked, shake it in water to dislodge the debris.
    4. First use
      Rinse the whole of the product 3 times with clear water before use.
    5. Materials and regulations
      The Trail Shot microfilter uses hollowfibre technology to eliminate bacteria and protozoans as well as particles in suspension. This filter does not gte rid of viruses. In compliance with the regulations of the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA - Environmental Protection Agency)* concerning the cleanliness of drinking water and the protocol apliedto the regulation NSF P231 concerning the elimination of bacteria (99.9999 %), protozoans (99.9 %) and particles.
    6. Important Notes
      Use the clearest and cleanest water possible. If you filter chalky, muddy water or water coming from a glacier, the filter will soon block. To treat water likely to contain viruses in suspension, use an approve ddisinfectant or purifying product.
    7. Weight and dimensions
      Dimensions: 16 x 6 x 6 cm Length of the tube : 40 cm Weight: 142 g
    Product testing
    1. Storage advice
      Before stoing the filter, ge rid of any exces water. Before any long term storage, remove the filtering cartridge and leave to dry at room temperature for at least a week.
    2. Product restrictions
      Does noteliminate viruses. Languages:FR, GB, DE, CZ, ES, IT, NL.
    3. Product catchline
      Allows you to filter bacteria and protozoans from water to drink r fill another container directly.
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