Freeride Dreamscape 700 Powder Pack All-Mountain Snowboard

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Designed for expert snowboarders looking for a powerful and dynamic snowboard on groomed sloped with great buoyancy on powdery snow.

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Product benefits
  1. Versatility
    50% piste, 50% off-piste, 0% park.
  2. Ease of handling
    Rigid torsion: no compromise, maximum traction suited to large turns.
  3. Buoyancy
    Very good buoyancy on powder (long rocker, 35 mm setback).
  4. Traction
    Very good traction at full speed (standard camber and rigid torsion).
  5. Anatomic design
    160 cm: 1 m 69 to 1 m 77 166 cm: 1 m 75 to 1 m 85
  6. Rigidity
    Rigid flex, wooden core, non-wide: very sharp, incisive when passing.
  7. Forgiveness
    Powerful and rigid torsion, low tolerance for edging mistakes.
  8. Glide performance
    HDPE sintered base for an excellent glide.
  • sizing ok?
    160 & 166 : 41 > 48
  • Wide
  • Camber
    Standard + Rocker
  • Shape
  • Pack/Board
    Snowboard & bindings pack
Product feature
  1. A word from the product manager
    The Dreamscape board will be your ally on groomed slopes and off-piste. Don't underestimate it! It is quite physical and technical. Once you're aware of this, you can glide very fast while remaining in full control. We are very proud of our 2018 Banger Board title, awarded by the SnowSurf store. Thank you.
  2. Programme/terrain
    The Dreamscape is particularly partial to 2 types of terrain: - slopes and large carved turns: thanks to its turn radius, its directional shape, its rigid flex and above all its rigid torsion, it offers excellent traction, - off-piste: with its big front rocker and large setback (35 mm), it has everything you need to float on powder.
  3. Directional snowboard
    The shape of the board is directional, i.e. the board has a nose to tail. It is not symmetric ; the tail of the board is slightly narrower than the nose, and the bindings as well as the board's contact points on the snow are slightly set back. A directional shape offers better grip when cornering, better trajectory management and better recovery when exiting a turn.
  4. Standard camber + Rocker
    All the advantages of both the standard camber (thanks to the board's elasticity, a standard camber serves as a spring to provide grip on all types of snow, edge-to-edge dynamism and recoil when coming out of turns) and the rocker (under constraint, the board's points of contact with the snow come closer together, making the board more manageable). The rocker elongates and raises the nose so that it can glide better over powder.
  5. Medium, versatile flex
    The flex is the stiffness of the board between the front and rear. The flex of the Dreamscape is about 3/5, which is not quite as stiff as its torsion. This is deliberate, because you do need a little tolerance when exiting a turn. It means you can be a little late for the next turn.
  6. Rigid and powerful torsion
    The torsion is the torsional stiffness of the board between the feet. The Dreamscape has a torsion of about 4/5, which is rigid and powerful. It offers plenty of traction and support in turns, even on very hard snow and at full speed. On the other hand, the Dreamscape is a very physical board: you need leg muscle to manage it, especially for an entire day.
  7. 35 mm setback
    The setback is when the board's compression points with the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the centre of the board, but set back towards the rear. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance. 35 mm: very strong recoil for freeride directional boards. This helps with the lift, as the weight is on the back of the board. The front lifts naturally, and the powder rushes beneath the board. It also relieves the back leg.
  8. Technical information
    Size 160 cm Front width 297 mm. Centre 251 mm. Rear 289 mm. Radius 10.0 m (160 cm). Effective edge 1,170 mm. No. of inserts: 10 + 10 (3 possible positions per binding/20 mm between each). Recommended stance: 560 mm.
  9. Recommended bindings
    No alternative: the Illusion 700. The Illusion 700 binding is an efficient traditional snowboard binding that allows you to benefit fully from the Dreamscape's capacity to tackle slopes, carving and off-piste runs. It has a short yet stiff highback, giving good rear support for backside tricks. A front strap covers the toes only for great comfort. And, above all, the 3D ankle straps with foam wadding hug the boot perfectly for great support.
  10. When should I wax my snowboard?
    Wed'ze boards leave the factory waxed. They then require regular maintenance, like all snowboards and skis: ideally, wax after every 5 outings and at least once a year: - either at the beginning of the season to start with a very good glide - or at the end of the season, leaving the wax on to protect the base throughout the summer
  11. Glide performance: sintered base
    The base is made of polyethylene, but using 2 different technical processes: - extruded base, with a certain density of polyethylene - a sintered base, with a higher density of polyethylene (fewer holes, more PE) A sintered base is the Rolls-Royce of bases. The glide is truly fantastic.
  12. What's the right size Dreamscape for me?
    In general, you choose quite a long board for freeriding: about -10 to -15 cm (e.g. someone measuring 1 m 74 use a board between 164 and 159 cm in length). If you choose a shorter board, it will be easier to control.A longer board offers greater stability at high speeds. ATTENTION:Because of the Rocker, the 160 cm board the equivalent of a 157 cm board, and the 166 cm board is the equivalent of a 163 cm board. 160 cm (60-90 kg) => from 1 m 69 to 1 m 77 166 cm (75-110 kg) => from 1 m 75 to 1 m 85
  13. What is the snowboard width?
    A "Wide" board is a board that is wider than normal, to prevent "large" feet from touching the snow when turning a little too sharply and making you fall. From size 10 upwards, it is best to choose a "Wide" board. The width of the board is measured at its centre. At Decathlon, we have defined them as follows: - up to 250mm : normal board - 251 to 259 mm: medium wide - above 260 mm: Wide
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Chassis : 50.0% Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6), 30.0% Aluminium, 20.0% Leather Board : 40.0% Epoxy, 30.0% Glass - Fibre (FG), 20.0% Wood, 10.0% Polyethylene High Density (HDPE)
  2. Storage advice
    Wipe the edges at the end of the day so they don't rust.Waxing is required on a regular basis, ideally every 5 outings. Keep away from sunlight when storing during the summer.
  3. Cleaning advice
    For good glide performance, wax your board regularly; every two or three trips is ideal. At the end of the season, leave a coat of unscraped wax to protect the base when not in use. This also nourishes the board throughout the summer as the wax penetrate
  4. Product restrictions
    Please note: Large Rocker = select a board 3 cm larger
  5. Product catchline
    Standard camber and rigid torsion for ultimate grip at full speed. Long tip (nose), rocker and 35 mm setback for floating on powdery snow. Non wide for greater edge to edge dynamism.
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