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Designed for child SKIERS and SNOWBOARDERS aged 5 to 13 years looking for a helmet with STIFF ears suitable offering protection.

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Product benefits
  1. Stability
    Knob for adjusting the head size and rigid ear protectors.
  2. Ventilation
    8 holes to aerate and evacuate humidity.
  3. Lightweight
    Greater weight than the average of our helmets. 500 g in size S.
  4. Impact protection
    Impact protection
    Standard 1077-B. Rigid ears. ABS outer shell for greater strength.
  5. Easy maintenance
    Easy maintenance
    The internal lining of the helmet is removable and machine-washable at 30°C.
  6. Warmth
    Internal liner with turnup to protect your forehead from the cold. Thick lining
  7. Compatibility
    Wed’ze helmets and masks are intended to form a complete set.
  8. Thermal insulation
    Thermal insulation
    Thermocompressed liner can be moved around to block the ventilation holes
Product feature
  1. Turnring System
    The Turnring is an essential part of your helmet. This system is used to make easy and precise adjustments at any time thanks to a knob that you can even turn with your ski gloves. It is comfortable in use while also providing maximum safety. Turn the knob to the right to tighten it and to the left to loosen it.
  2. Full Earpad
    The Full Earpad is an ear design that offers better grip, more warmth and therefore more comfort in use. Both ears are made from a single piece of fabric, thereby forming a neck outline. The clip adjustment system is built into the neck contour.
  3. Venting System
    The Venting System helps to regulate the temperature in your helmet and reduces fogging in your goggles. This type of design channels the air flow allowing the heat and humidity to escape, while also taking into account the entire helmet-mask interface.
  4. Hard Shell Construction
    The Hard Shell Construction makes the helmet stronger and more robust. This type of construction includes an external injection-moulded ABS shell to withstand powerful knocks. It combines durability with a significant capacity to withstand bumps and blows. The internal EPS skullcap absorbs shocks in the event of a knock. We recommend that you replace your ski helmet at least once every 5 years, if it has not received a big knock in the intervening period.
  5. Cold barrier
    The Cold Barrier provides real benefits in terms of warmth. During your ski or snowboard sessions, you may feel cold across your forehead. This is owing to a large gap between the top of the mask and the helmet. The inner hat (or comfort foam) has a hem at the forehead, which, when folded down, protects you from the cold, creating a thermal barrier between the helmet and the goggles.
  6. Removable textile
    The advantage of having a removable interior is that it can be taken out and washed. The inner hat of this ski helmet is detachable and machine washable at 30°C.
  7. EN 1077 standard
    The EN 1077 standard is a European standard that applies to helmets used to protect the head during alpine skiing or snowboarding. A feature of this standard are the tests undertaken to check the shock absorption properties and the resistance to penetration.
  8. EN 1077 STANDARD
    Standard EN 1077 is a European standard applicable to helmets used to protect the head when downhill skiing or carrying out similar activities, such as snowboarding. This standard involves tests of their ability absorb shocks, resistance to penetration and is divided into 2 categories: A: Hard Ear Helmet / B: Soft Ear Helmet.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Inside Shell - Main Lining : 100.0% Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Outside shell - Main Lining : 100.0% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  2. Approved by
    Certified laboratory
  3. Storage advice
    Do not store the helmet in a damp place, near to a source of heat or UV rays. After drying, the best place to store it is in a cotton bag.
  4. Cleaning advice
    After use, we recommend you dry the inner foam without placing the helmet in contact with a heat source. Wash the helmet with a damp sponge or cloth. Never change the original components. Only use parts from the Decathlon after-sales service. Do not modif
  5. Product restrictions
    Replace any helmet that has sustained an impact.
  6. Product catchline
    The helmet where passion and rivalry meet
  7. Lab tested
    All Wed'ze products are tested in target use conditions... In the snow, in the cold, in all the conditions you could encounter when skiing. The design teams, product manager, engineers and garment designers ensure the product's design corresponds perfectl
Product reviews
4.5 / 5
9 reviews
9 users recommend this product
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  • Comfortable and looks good

    Jackie (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    My son is nearly 10 and this was a perfect fit for him with plenty of growing room. The fur inside and underneath the chin is really comfortable and it looks great.
  • My daughter loves it

    Debbie (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    I got this helmet for my daughter, we got the kids yellow one and it's absolutely fab. I nearly didn't get it because of the reviews but she's had it on for a couple of hours and it's not hurt her. It fits me so I have it a go and it seems very comfortable. Lovely helmet and fab price!
  • Back to the drawing board

    Stephan (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Terrible pain due to pressure on the ears. Have to buy another helmet.
    Response of the brand
    Dear Mrs. Von Posern,

    I'm sorry to hear this helmet was uncomfortable for you. Helmets with hard shell all the way down to the ears can put more pressure on your ears. At Decathlon, we carry more and more helmets with padding around the ears to avoid this problem. Here are a few helmets we carry with padding instead of a shell:

    I hope these suggestions can help you in selecting a new helmet,
    Have a good day,
    Tea Djumisic Market manager DECATHLON
  • Painful after 1 day skiing

    Stephan (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    I tried the helmet for 10 minutes in the store. It felt fine. But after skiing for a day my ears hurt so much, because the hard shell which covers the ears ("rigid ear cover") is too tight and presses the inner padding against the ears.
    If possible I would have returned the helmet. That is not possible as it is safety equipment, which is understandable.
    So I took a knife, cut the "rigid ear protection" off to relieve the pain for the rest of the holidays.

    Interesting enough none of the helmets worn by skiers have these rigid ears. They all have the usual soft padding covering the ears. You wonder why.

    PS: My wife has the same model in white and she had the same experience.
    Response of the brand
    Dear M. Von Posern,

    Thank you for your feedback. I'll make sure I pass it along to our product engineers. 

    Unfortunately, helmets that have a full hard shell can be more straining on skiers' ears. Most of our models now have soft padding near the ears to avoid this issue. If you'd like to purchase a new helmet in the future, here are some examples of helmets with padding instead of a hard shell:

    I hope this can help you in the future,
    Have a nice day,
    Tea Djumisic

    Tea Djumisic Market manager DECATHLON
  • Decent helmet

    James (United Kingdom)
    Used for 1 week or less
    Reasonably comfortable helmet. Nice and warm, perhaps if you're going later in the season you should consider white as the black got quite hot in the sun.
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