70 cm Weight Training Pull-Up Bar

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Product benefits
  1. Durability
    The bar can take up to 100 kg without the mounting screws and 130 kg with them
  2. Versatility
    Train your back, arms and abs with just one accessory!
  3. Easy assembly / dismantling
    Use the tool-free mounting system to fit and remove the bar easily.
  4. Compact design
    You can easily store your bar under your bed or in a cupboard.
Product feature
  1. A pull-up bar designed for you and your home.
    Setting up weight training equipment in your home often means a few decorative compromises. But our design team has created a pull-up bar that adapts to your home, rather than the other way around! With its clever pressure system, there's no need to drill holes in your walls to mount it. The result: as well as a muscular back, renters will get their deposits back!
  2. How should you set up your bar?
    Start by twisting each end of the bar to adjust the length. Next, tighten the central part of the bar to lock it in place. Did you tighten your bar by turning it towards you? You can do pull-ups with your palms facing the bar. If you want to do chin-ups (with your palms facing towards you), simply stand on the other side of the bar. This will stop the bar coming lose!
  3. Can a pull-up bar really do everything?
    Whether used for strength training or bodybuilding, a pull-up bar uses suspension exercises to work your entire upper body: biceps, back, shoulders, pecs and abs. An underhand grip (palms toward you) works the biceps more. An overhand grip (palms away from you) puts the focus on the back muscles. What about your abs? Lift your knees during your pull-ups!
  4. What's the best way to start doing pull-ups?
    Being able to lift your own weight is often one of the first challenges when it comes to bodyweight training. To start with, you might want to use training bands to take some of the weight. Once you've got the hang of things, you could move on to a weighted jacket to increase the difficulty!
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Steel Foam : 100.0% Rubber - Nitril Butadiene Rubber (NBR) Cap : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  2. Product restrictions
    Max weight: 130 kg with mounting screws 100 kg w/o screws
  3. Product information
    Do you prefer pull-ups to DIY? Introducing the pull-up bar. It can be fixed in place without screws so that you can train your upper body in an instant.