Active Swimming Mask Size S - White Blue

€ 13.00

Designed for beginner swimmers looking for comfort and panoramic vision.

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Product benefits
  1. Field of vision
    Panoramic field of vision, >150°, to see all that is going on around you
  2. Adjustable
    1 adjustment: strap, simple and intuitive adjustment at the sides
  3. Stability
    Standard stability, diving not recommended
  4. Waterproof
    The seals are very soft and easily adapt to fit the shape of your face.
  5. Anti-fogging
    Anti-fogging treatment
  • Stability
    Excellent - Training
  • Frequency
    Regular swimmers
  • Field of vision
    Panoramic vision
  • Adjustment
    One-piece nose bridge
  • Size
    Size S
Product feature
    The watertightness of the swimming goggles is dependent on the proper fit of the silicone seal with the shape of your face. Before purchase, we advise you to do the "suction" test without the strap. If the goggles hold on your face by themselves with slight suction, the product will be watertight during your swim. This allows you to see if the size is too tight or too big. THE ACTIVE MASK IS AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: S for small faces and L for large faces.
    You should: - rinse your goggles after use - put them in a box between each session to prevent any contact with the lenses (inside where the anti-fog coating is located, and outside to avoid any scratches that may impact your visibility). NEVER TOUCH/RUB THE INSIDE OF YOUR LENSES
  3. FOG
    The appearance of fog depends on several factors, the difference in temperature between the body and the water, humidity levels, etc. Wear due to friction is one of the main causes. If your goggles fog up, dip your lenses in the water and a protective film will reform. Be aware that after a certain amount of time it is normal for the performance of the anti-fog coating to be diminished. We offer an anti-fog marker which reactivates the anti-fog coating and increases the lifetime of your goggles.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC) Joint/Gasket : 100.0% Silicone Backing : 100.0% Silicone Buckles : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC)
  2. Storage advice
    Put the goggles back in their box between your sessions. Important: Do not touch the inside of the lenses to avoid damaging the anti-fog treatment.
  3. Product catchline
    Very comfortable swimming mask thanks to its flexible nose bridge and soft skirts that adapt to fit the shape of your face, guaranteeing an excellent watertight seal.
Product reviews
4.01 / 5
492 reviews
389 users recommend this product
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  • Grey and pink goggles for girls

    Justine (United Kingdom)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Robust, Good fit and works well, happy daughter = happy holiday, thanks
  • Water leaks in

    Ankur (India)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Good build quality but somehow any way you wear it, water leaks in. I got the Decathalon expert to show me how to wear it, but still in 2-3 laps water seaps in and you have to take off the glasses and wear again.
    Response of the brand
    Hello Ankur,

    Thank you for rating the Active Swimming Mask. Your feedback is important for us to improve our products year on year.

    I apologize for the bad experience that you have faced with the goggles. As you say that water enters them, it is due to the sizing issue. When you purchase your goggles, you need to first try the suction property, that is, put the goggles around your eye socket without the strap on and let it stay for at least 4 seconds without falling. If this happens, then the swimming goggles is the right size for you.

    Nevertheless, I invite you to any of our Decathlon stores across India to have the goggles exchanged for a product that best suits your requirement. Our sales advisers will be more than happy to help you in case you have any queries.

    I stay available if you have further questions. Have a good day!
    Pearl Sharrell
    E-Sports Leader
    Water Sports
  • Good product

    Manish (India)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
    Product is very configurable to wear and i am very thankful to Decathlon, i tried to clear the water spot on the glass by clothe and the result anti fog layer was gone , but Decathlon team without asking so much question change the glass .

    Thanks Decathlon
  • Love it

    shanti (India)
    Used for 2 to 8 weeks
  • It leaks horribly

    Leela (India)
    Used for 1 week or less
    My daughter uses it.. we checked and bought.. thought it would be great. First day of usage was good. But second day onwards it leaks and that hurts the eye.
    Response of the brand
    Hello Leela,

    Thank you for rating the Active swimming mask- White Pink. Your feedback is important for us to improve our products year on year.

    I apologize for the bad experience that you have faced with the swimming goggles. I see that your daughter has been facing a 'sealing' problem with them.This is mainly because of size issue of the swimming goggles. Before purchasing, we recommend to try the goggles on the face of the user and do the test the "sucker" property of the goggles to check if it matches the morphology of the face.  The sales manager can introduce you in greater detail and help you to choose the model and the most suitable size. If the vacuum test is OK, that is, if the goggles sit around the eye socket for at least 3 seconds without the straps being put on, it means that the product is adapted to the morphology of the face and that tightness is guaranteed, thus ensuring that water does not enter.
     Here is the video that can help you with choosing the goggles-  I invite you to any of our Decathlon Stores to have the swimming goggles exchanged and to purchase the swimming goggles that is best suited for your face. Do get back to me in case of any further queries. Have a nice day.

    Pearl Sharrell
    E-Sports Leader
    Water Sports
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