ADULT Classic cross-country ski boots XC S BOOTS 900

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Product benefits
  1. Power
    Carbon heel reinforcement for good stability and propulsion.
  2. Stability
    Low sole + high-end plastic injection = excellent ski-snow contact
  3. Lightweight
    Carbon insert to lighten the shoe (450 g for a size 43 boot)
  4. Precision
    Close fit for greater precision and ski control.
  5. Warmth
    Thinsulate insulation and lace cover.
  6. Compatibility
    Compatible with standard bindings: NNN, PROLINK and TURNAMIC.
Product feature
  1. 1 - The classic boot
    Boots usually have a low upper with a flexible sole to allow a good foot roll and excellent freedom of movement
  2. 2 - A boot adapted to my proficiency and needs.
    Choose your boot according to your proficiency. You will make limited progress with a boot that is too basic, while a boot that is too technical may reduce sensations and pleasure because it is less tolerant of technical imperfections. Beginners = focus on comfort and warmth Intermediate = opt for the best compromise between comfort and freedom of movement Advanced = choose a rigid, lightweight boot with carbon
  3. 3 - The 900 boot, the boot for surpassing yourself!
    You are an intensive cross-country skier who has mastered the technical moves. For you, cross-country skiing is a cardio workout and a means of surpassing yourself, you may even be thinking about taking part in the next local race? It is time to try the 900 boot, our high-end classic boot designed to propel you forwards! Victory is only a push away!
    Carbon in the heel to stabilise the back of the foot Carbon beneath the insole for an optimum, more energetic propulsion Low sole to optimise ski-snow contact for more powerful turns
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Upper of : 90.0% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free, Upper of : 5.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Upper of : 5.0% Carbon Outer sole of : 90.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Outer sole of : 10.0% Metal - Fiber Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester Sole : 100.
  2. Storage advice
    Remove the insoles and open the boots up wide to allow them to dry. Put the insoles back in the boots once completely dry and store them closed in a protective bag.
  3. Product restrictions
    Compatible with standard bindings: NNN, PROLINK and TURNAMIC.
  4. Product information
    The design and high-end materials of the 900 boot make it a technical, lightweight and powerful boot for propelling you forwards.
  5. Lab tested
    All our products are tested in the field in real conditions by our panel of professional testers: instructors and coaches as well as regular cross-country skiers. Our boots are also subjected to laboratory tests (bending, abrasion, thermal protection, wat