Adult Mountain Trekking Waterproof Leather Gloves TREK 900 Brown

€ 32.00

Designed for mountain trekking over a few days in cold, rainy or windy weather

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Product benefits Designed for mountain trekking over a few days in cold, rainy or windy weather
  1. Waterproof
    100% waterproof membrane and taped seams. 10,000 mm Schmerbers.
  2. Warmth
    These gloves provide good protection against the cold. 2 out of 5 warmth level.
  3. Abrasion resistance
    Finest quality leather palm and fingers for added durability over time.
  4. Dexterity
    Construction gives excellent dexterity and palm made of very soft leather.
  5. Adjustable
    Adjustable wrist thanks to a rip-tab.
  6. Ease of use
    Pairing buckle to clip your gloves together. Ideal for storing them.
  7. Windproof
    100% windproof membrane.
Product feature
  1. Glove durability
    The pre-shaped construction of the hand and fingers gives you precise grip on hiking poles. The palm is made of leather with leather reinforcements around each finger to prevent wear over time when using poles and handling bivouac equipment, tent poles, pegs, as well as your stove, pans, etc.
  2. Waterproofing of the glove
    The resistance of a fabric is measured by the height of a water column in mm that can be supported by the fabric (test based on the ISO 811 standard). The higher the water pressure, the more waterproof the fabric. Here are the waterproof values for the Trek 900 gloves: on the main fabrics, we get a rating of 10,000 mm after 5 washes. Our glove also has a membrane (insert) that is in itself resistant to a 10,000 mm column of water after 5 washes.
  3. Gloves undergoing continuous improvement
    The Trek 900 leather gloves have undergone several improvements along the way thanks to all the customer feedback we have received. Thanks for sharing! Here are the points we have improved on the available models as from the end of 2020: - touch sensitive thumb and index finger, reduction of CO2 emissions from the glove inner lining which now uses a clean dyeing process called dope dyeing (threads are dyed in bulk)
  4. Glove dexterity
    The dexterity of a glove is its ability to handle objects. Our gloves have been scored in the laboratory on a scale of 1 to 5. The closer the glove's dexterity is to 5, the more the glove can handle objects in the same way as the bare hand. In particular, we tested how easy it is to get a jacket on and open it while wearing the gloves. The entire palm is made of finest quality goatskin leather offering incredible flexibility and dexterity.
  5. Ease of use of the glove
    Majority stitched strips to help when taking off the gloves and when drying them. Removable drawcord at the wrist that can be operated with one hand. Pairing buckle to link your gloves together. Perfect for storing and carrying them. The wrist fob makes it easy to wear gloves with our TREK jackets.
  6. How to protect your hands from the cold in the best way possible?
    In the same way you wear several layers of clothing when trekking, you can wear liner gloves under your gloves, that will act as a thermal base layer. This multi-layer system enables several layers of air to form around your hands, efficiently insulating them from the cold! Remember to wear large enough gloves to avoid your fingers being constricted. Compression reduces blood circulation in the fingers.
  7. Got your liner gloves caught in the rain?
    If this happens then dry them in a dry place but avoid placing them on a heat source. This could damage the fibre and they could lose their shape!
  8. How much do these gloves weigh?
    These gloves weigh 143 g in size L.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Lining : 100.0% Polyester Main fabric : 100.0% Leather - Goat Back of the hand : 86.0% Polyamide, Back of the hand : 14.0% Elasthane Cuff : 90.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Cuff : 10.0% Polyamide Padding : 100.0% Polyester
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a clean, dry place.
  3. Product information
    Waterproof gloves made of a combination of lightweight and breathable fabric. The palm and fingers are made of 100% goatskin leather for added durability over time and incredible dexterity.
  4. Lab tested
    Our design team is based at the foot of Mont Blanc, in Haute-Savoie (France). All year round, our designers create and develop products that are good, simple, and technologically advanced. These are then ruthlessly tested in the field because we believe t