Adult Ski Fleece Balaclava - Black

€ 4.60
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Product benefits
  1. Warmth
    Very soft fleece balaclava providing warmth and comfort.
  2. Compact design
    Compact, it is easily packed into a pocket or backpack.
Product feature
    In addition to offering advantages in terms of warmth, wearing a balaclava is more hygienic, in particular when renting or borrowing a helmet.
    The neck seam has been purposely shortened so as not to cause annoyance when the balaclava is worn with a ski jacket. This prevents over-thickness which could hinder freedom of movement on the slopes.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Hood : 100.0% Polyester
  2. Storage advice
    Make sure that the product is fully dry before storing.
  3. Product information
    A warm, soft fleece balaclava to protect the head, neck and chin from the cold.