Adult Snorkelling Fins SNK 900 neon grey

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Product benefits
  1. Power
    The dimensions of the blade produce the necessary power to go down.
  2. Ease of use
    Blade angle is set at 23° for smooth fin penetration in the water.
  3. User comfort
    The foot pocket is ergonomic and of variable thickness.
Product feature
  1. Foot pocket
    The foot pocket is the part of the fin where the foot is placed. In the case of full-foot fins, they may be fully closed, in the case of adjustable fins, open and closed by an adjustable strap.
  2. What is the blade for?
    The blade is the flat part of the palm. The FRD100's blade is quite long to provide lots of power.
  3. How big is it?
    In size 42/43, the length is 60 cm for a width of 20 cm.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Blade (for fin) : 70.0% Polypropylene (PP), Blade (for fin) : 30.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene (SEBS)
  2. Storage advice
    We advise you to store the fins flat in a dry place away from direct light.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Rinse with clean water after use.
  4. Product restrictions
    Scuba diving under heavy currents and swells.
  5. Product information
    Explore the deep ocean floor using comfortable fins! They are designed with an ergonomic foot pocket comfortable to wear, and have a large and strong blade for extra power.