BL50 Camping/Hiking Wind-Up Rechargeable Lamp 50 Lumens - Blue

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Designed for light up your camp or bivouac.

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Product benefits
  1. Power
    3 modes: 6 / 25 / 50 lumens Controlled light (comfort) Light for 2 people
  2. Autonomy
    4 hr at 50 lm 9 hr at 25 lm. Rechargeable (via a USB port) & 1 Dynamo system
  3. Ease of use
    Easy to hang thanks to the built-in hook Change modes with just 1 button
  4. Compact design
    This very compact lamp can be easily stored in the pocket of a small backpack
Product feature
    500 mAh battery The lamp’s battery can be recharged via its micro-USB port. You can recharge it with: an electrical socket, a vehicle cigarette lighter or any other standard USB socket (including solar panels). The micro-USB charging cable is sold with the lamp. However, this is not the case with the mains power adaptor, but you can for example use your smartphone’s charging cable.
    Allow 3 hours for a complete charge with a 220 V mains power outlet. A red LED indicates the start of charging. A green LED indicates the end of charging. For the dynamo system: turn the dynamo for 1 minute to get 4 minutes of lighting. A circuit breaker protects the battery from being overcharged.
    For your visual comfort, this lamp features an electronic intensity control system. This means that you can enjoy the same intensity of light however much battery life is remaining.
    159 g
  5. SIZE
    Diameter: 9 cm Height: 9.8 cm
    Please note, this lamp is not certified IPX4: do not leave it out in the rain, and avoid any contact with water.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Chassis : 100.0% Battery - Li Po Main fabric : 100.0% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Upper Part - Main Fabric : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP) Inner fabric : 100.0% Epoxy Joint/Gasket : 100.0% Thermoplastic Polyethylene (TPE)
  2. Approved by
    It is in France, at the foot of the Mont Blanc, that our design team imagined, thought up and designed the Quechua products. We test them in the field with other hikers to make sure that they are comfortable and durable. Jura, Auvergne... We headed out on
  3. Storage advice
    Choose a clean, dry place and make sure to fully run discharge and recharge your battery when the lamp is not in use for long periods.
  4. Product restrictions
    Do not leave it out in the rain, & avoid any contact with water
  5. Product information
    Our motivation? Guaranteeing that you will never be in the dark with this USB-rechargeable lamp. If the battery runs out, a back-up dynamo system allows you to still use it.