Booties / Neoprene Socks 2mm for bodyboarding fins

€ 9.00

Designed for bodyboarding in cold waters. Also protects against rubbing from the fins.

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Product benefits Designed for bodyboarding in cold waters. Also protects against rubbing from the fins.
  1. Fitting comfort
    Soft comfort for the whole foot. Try with your fins before purchase.
  2. Thermal insulation
    2 mm neoprene. Semi-high upper. Non-taped seams. Water temperature > 15°C.
Product feature
  1. How to choose the size of your neoprene socks and bodyboard fins.
    Choose the size of your neoprene socks so that there are as few wrinkles as possible without your foot being too compressed. The size of fins you will need can vary by half a size depending on whether you are wearing these neoprene socks. You should therefore try on your socks with your fins before purchase. The back strap should be in contact with your heel and your toes should not be bent. Similarly, whether or not you are using fin leashes will change the fit by half a shoe size.
  2. Comfort, warmth and wear.
    For more comfort when wearing your fins, in addition to keeping you warm, we have developed these neoprene socks in a full-foot shape (with heels) but without a sole. As such, these socks are not intended to be used to walk to the spot. We recommend waiting until you are at the water's edge before putting on your socks and fins. The socks are even easier to put on once wet.
    RADBUG is the Decathlon brand dedicated to bodyboarding and bodysurfing. Our ambition is to enable the greatest number to enjoy the incredible sensations you feel when bodyboarding and bodysurfing. This sensation of gliding when in contact with the wave is pure, exhilarating and addictive. We have set ourselves the mission of enabling everyone to get started and make progress by offering products that are easy to use and innovative.
  4. Recommended water temperature
    Whether or not to use neoprene socks or booties when bodyboarding also comes down to personal preference and water temperature. For water over 15°C, these booties will be enough. If you are particularly sensitive to the cold or if the water is less than 15°C, you could use neoprene socks with taped seams (which is not the case for this model). 3 and 5 mm neoprene socks with taped seams are available in the diving department.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 90.0% Rubber - Chloropren - Neopren, Main fabric : 10.0% Polyamide
  2. Storage advice
    Rinse and dry in the shade after use.
  3. Cleaning advice
    Rinse in fresh water after each use. Do not leave to dry in the sun.
  4. Product information
    2 mm neoprene socks that provide warmth and comfort for your feet in your bodyboarding fins.
  5. Lab tested
    Developed and tested by our bodyboard-loving design teams in Hendaye, France. The components used for this product are laboratory tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability.