Camping Arpenaz base M | 8 persons

€ 92.00

Designed for 8 people camping wishing to protect themselves completely from the rain, sun, wind and insects.

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Product benefits
  1. Capacity
    6.2 sqm on the ground. Max height 215 cm. Enough space to seat 8 ppl at a table.
  2. Easy assembly / dismantling
    Self-supporting structure, easy to pitch: Fibreglass poles.
  3. Heat reduction
    The shelter opens on 3 faces equipped with 3 mosquito nets.
  4. Darkness
    The fabric filters UV rays with SPF 30.
  5. Durability
    Resists wind up to 50km/h (Force 6):tested in wind tunnel on turning platform
  6. Easy transport
    Carry strap. Cover:57 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm 18 litres, weight: 7.7kg
  7. Waterproof
    Tested in a shower at 200 mm water / hour / m² (tropical rain) and field tests.
Product feature
  1. Living room
    Square shelter 2.5 m side, 6.25 sqm with maximum height of 2.15m. bag: Cylindrical: 57 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm. Weight: 7.7 kg.
  2. Pitching/folding
    Very simple pitching and unpitching. We insert 2 poles in loops on the ground, insert the ends of the loops in the cups on the 4 corners. Once the shelter is pitched, peg the 4 corners and the red strap across the side door. Finish off with 4 guy ropes for maximum wind resistance.
  3. Protection from the sun
    The flysheet fabric filters out UV rays with an SPF of 30. Please note: a large amount of UV can pass through a simple open door. Shaded area one side to provide further protection from the sun.
  4. Dimensions and weight, folded dimensions
    Cylinder cover: 57 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm 18 litres, weight: 7.7 kg.
  5. Ventilation
    3 openings with mosquito nets on 3 faces to enable great air circulation and maximum protection against mosquitoes.
  6. Waterproofing
    The waterproofing of QUECHUA tents is tested on the complete tent, under 200 litres water/hour/sqm (200mm of rain per hour) for 4 hours. The water column test (= mm schmerbers) measures just the impermeability of the fabric. Our test enables the ingress of water through seams, flaps, openings, zips, etc to be prevented.
    We test all our tents in a wind tunnel on a turntable to expose each side of the tent to the wind. The well-pitched tent with all the guy ropes rigged around the tent must remain habitable in wind speeds of 50 km/h measured near the ground.
  8. Poles, pegs
    Poles: All our fibreglass poles undergo a double quality control guaranteeing excellent resistance to breakage. Tent pegs: Excellent twisting resistance (6mm diameter steel).
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Pole : 100.0% Glass - Fiber (FG) Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Floor mat : 100.0% Polyéthylène (PE) Carry bag : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Storage advice
    STORAGE - after use or cleaning, only store the tent completely dry to prevent the development of odours and mould.
  3. Product restrictions
    UV can enter through the opening (reflects on light ground)
  4. Product information
    Living area for up to 8 people. Free standing structure, easy to pitch. Living area that is completely protected from the elements thanks to 2 doors and large mosquito net.area.
  5. Lab tested
    This is not a tent, we do not recommend sleeping in it at night as there is no double roof to protect against condensation.