Carp fishing rod XTREM-9 SPOD 5 lbs 360

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Designed for carp fishing in freshwater.

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Product benefits Designed for carp fishing in freshwater.
  1. Rod action
    The low flexibility of the advanced action rod allows rapid propulsion.
  2. Distance
    5 lbs of power for hurling heavy spods (180 g) over long distances.
  3. Power
    When this 100% HM carbon fibre rod bends, you can feel its great strength.
  4. Visibility
    Thanks to our UV headlamp, the tip is visible in the dark.
  5. Distance
    5 lbs test curve for hurling heavy spods (180 g) over long distances
Product feature
    - Size 12 feet (3.60 m): The length of the carp rods between 11 and 13 FEET are more suited to carp fishing from the bank. Rods of this length tend to be more powerful for reaching far-away fishing spots. - The dismantled length of the rod is 1.86 m. Number of sections: 2 - Weight: 465 g - Holds the fixed metal reel. Reels are secured on the rod by a screw locking ring.
    - Called "quick action". The tip action of X'trem-9 SPOD allows it to bend through the last third of its length to the tip. - The rod's action is reduced, making the main body of these rods quite stiff. - This means that the rod's action is reduced, i.e. it bends less when reeling in a fish. The advantage is that the stiffness enables long distance casting.
    - SEAGUIDE starting guides 50 mm, 40 mm, 25 mm, 16 mm, 16 mm, and 16 mm at the tip. - Lightweight and braid-resistant guides - The guides are fastened with three legs. These 'three-legged' fastenings are stronger for greater resistance to powerful casting.
    - Your rod demonstrates its strength and power through two different but complementary characteristics: 1. The ability to resist a tensile force similar to wrestling with a fish. 2. The rod's ability to cast a weight over a certain distance. Its 5 lbs of power enables it to cast any spod or marker weighing up to 180 g beyond 140 m. Of major assistance for groundbaiting from the bank on waters where boats are not allowed.
    It is ESSENTIAL to use a finger glove to protect your finger for such powerful casting. Above all, if you have a braided leader and the casting load is quite heavy, you risk cutting your fingers. So to avoid injury, it is essential that you wear a glove or finger glove. You can find a finger guard in the fishing section.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Carbon Fiber
  2. Storage advice
    Make sure your rod is not damp before storing. To extend the life of your fishing rods, remember to remove the lead sinkers before storing the rod in its sleeve
  3. Product restrictions
    do not use near power lines or during thunderstorms.
  4. Product information
    This powerful fishing rod can probe or cast heavy baited spods long distance.
  5. Lab tested
    In order to offer you highly technical and reliable fishing rods, our design teams test the equipment in the laboratory. They also test in the field under extreme conditions. Each element is selected to obtain a product that perfectly matches the technica