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Designed for carp fishing in freshwater.

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Product benefits Designed for carp fishing in freshwater.
  1. Stability
    2 ground fastening points per buzzbar, for excellent stability.
  2. Durability
    All the screw threads are made from brass for greater durability
  3. Flexibility
    Option of changing the height thanks to the telescopic sharp point.
  4. Camouflage
    The natural colour makes its blend into the surroundings.
Product feature
    - Distance between the detectors 26 cm - Universal screw thread - Brass screw thread - Sold separately - Storage bag included - Two fastening points. Unlike stakes with a single central fastening point, the risk of this buzzbar with two fastening points turning is almost nil.
  2. Why fish with stakes?
    Stakes are the simplest and most economical type of rod rests. Their main advantage is that they are compact, ideally suited to short sessions with one or two rods. If you have a set of different sizes, you may be faced with many different situations. Stakes reveal their limits on hard banks, while the rod pod can be installed on all types of ground and direct the rods in multiple positions.
  3. Position your rods properly.
    Stakes allow you to position the rod in the axis of your line so that you can spot every take. With a rod pod, it is more difficult to place every rod in the axis of the line. Furthermore, depending on your spot, you have to position your rods in the right direction: low, horizontal or raised. By separating your rods with two-rod buzzbars, it is easier to adapt the orientation to the fishing spot.
  4. Position your rods properly:high or low tip? (1)
    Horizontal position: this is your rod's natural position. It is suited to most middle-distance fishing conditions in closed waters that are free of obstacles. Low position or immersed end: the advantage of this position is that it makes your line less visible on the bottom. Use this position when fishing in water with clean beds. This position also prevents your line from moving in strong wind.
  5. Position your rods properly:high or low tip? (2)
    High position: if there are obstacles between your position and the fishing spot, you need to keep your line well clear of them. Do this by pointing your rod skywards. In very long-distance fishing, such as on a lake, contact with the rig is better and any unseen obstacles can be avoided. Use the high position for river fishing, so that your line is not exposed to the force of the current that will displace your rig.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Aluminium Chassis : 100.0% Polyamide
  2. Product information
    Thanks to the two attaching points on the ground, the entire battery remains very stable.