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Designed for Expert still fishing anglers looking for a high-quality bait for roaches and other coarse fish.

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Product benefits
  1. Palatability
    Grilled ground hemp attract roaches instantly.
  2. Sticking properties
    This little sticky bait diffuses its particles around the ball.
  3. Ease of use
    Easy to prepare, simply mix 2 primer volumes with 0.75 volume of water.
  4. Versatility
    This primer is effective on many white fish.
Product feature
  1. Mixing guidelines
    The Caperlan team recommends using 0.75 l water per 2 kilos of bait.
  2. Legal name
    Complementary feed for cyprinids.
  3. Composition
    Products and/or by-products of bakeries, corn, hempseed (10%), wheat, and molasses.
  4. Analytical constituents and levels
    Raw protein: 14% Crude fat: 10% Raw mineral matter: 2% Raw cellulose: 4% Sodium: 0,3%
  5. Approval number
Product testing
  1. Storage advice
    The Caperlan Clip’&’Cut allows you to correctly open and close the sachet to avoid losing bait, facilitating transportation and storage. Store the bait in a dry place.
  2. Product restrictions
    Not for human consumption.
  3. Product information
    Dark coloured primer to attract roach fish on the spot without frightening them. The presence of hemp and baby corn makes this primer very attractive to roach fish.