3 mm cold water Neoprene Surf Gloves

€ 18.00

Designed for intensive surfers in cold water, between 7°C and 17°C.

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Product benefits Designed for intensive surfers in cold water, between 7°C and 17°C.
  1. Freedom of movement
    Ultra-flexible neoprene. Stretch seams.
  2. Abrasion resistance
    Neoprene lined on both sides with a textile reinforcement.
  3. Waterproof
    Glued & blind-stitched assembly and watertight outer seal.
Product feature
  1. Stay warm for longer thanks to our thermal accessories! Each temperature range has its own outfit...
    When we are in the water, we lose more than half of our body heat through our extremities (feet, hands, head). Consequently, here are the recommended accessories: - in warm water and temperate water (>17°C) => neoprene low booties. - in cold water (12 - 17°C): High booties (boots) and gloves. - in very cold water (7 - 12°C): High booties (boots), gloves, hood and hooded top... Find our entire range of neoprene accessories on the Decathlon website
  2. Choose the right size
    Surfing gloves should be a very tight fit to ensure the best possible thermal efficiency. It is perfectly normal for it to feel like they are too tight when tried on dry. Choosing well-fitting gloves prevents them swelling with water in use.
    3 mm surf gloves are made from 100% neoprene for guaranteed improved comfort during use. The neoprene is lined with synthetic fabric for increased resistance to wear. Neoprene thickness: 3 mm. The neoprene is made from an elastomer foam with insulating properties. We test and guarantee the quality of our neoprene materials.
  4. Watertight assembly
    The seams are stitched and glued for a watertight seal and durability. The seams are "blind-stitched". The thread does not go all the way through the neoprene, preventing water from getting through. The absence of threads on the inside avoids irritation and chafing. An external seal on seams further reinforces durability and waterproofing.
  5. Get the wetsuit to match!
    Our wetsuit models are also classified by water temperature range: Warm water, Temperate water, Cold water. Our wetsuits are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding surfers. Our design choices also make them compatible with other water sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, sea wading or SUP (stand up paddle boarding). Find the whole range of surfing wetsuits on the Decathlon website
  6. What is the OLAIAN brand?
    OLAIAN, DECATHLON'S SURFING BRAND Based in Hendaye, in South West France, OLAIAN is Decathlon's surfing brand. In our offices at the water's edge, we can design a range of accessories and then on the same day go surfing and test them.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Foam : 100.0% Rubber - Chloropren - Neopren Main fabric - Outer layer : 83.0% Polyamide, Main fabric - Outer layer : 17.0% Elasthane Main fabric - Inner layer : 100.0% Polyamide
  2. Storage advice
    In a dry, ventilated place. Avoid heat sources. To extend the life of your neoprene, do not leave it out to dry in direct sunlight. Machine washing is not recommended.
  3. Product restrictions
    Designed for water between 7 and 17°C.
  4. Product information
    Flexible gloves for surfing and bodyboarding providing more comfort and warmth in cold water.
  5. Lab tested
    Developed and tested by our design teams in Hendaye, France. The components used for this product are laboratory tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability.