Sika 130 Grip Fixed Knife Black

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Product benefits
  1. Durability
    Built in one single piece, flat sole assembly, resistant to any challenge!
  2. Corrosion resistance
    No need to worry about humidity, the blade is made of 5Cr15 stainless steel
  3. Ergonomic grip
    Its shape and rubber grip allow you to get a firm hold of it
  4. Easy maintenance
    Always keep a good edge thanks to the slightly softer steel
  5. Easy transport
    Safely store it in its X-Access locking cloth case
Product feature
  1. Dimensions and weight
    Total length: 26 cm Blade length: 13 cm Blade thickness: 4 mm Handle length: 13 cm Handle thickness: 1.6 cm Angle of blade: 23° Weight: 270 g
  2. Sharpening
    Blade angle 23°. An orange triangle on the back of the pack allows you to check the angle of the blade to a sharpening stone. All you have to do now is place the blade on the triangle, follow the slant and keep to this angle while sharpening on the stone.
  3. X-ACCESS Concept
    X-ACCESS compatible sheath that can be fastened to the belt or outside of any backpack fitted with straps that have X-ACCESS loops. Also features another loop so that you can wear your knife horizontally along your belt for greater discretion and comfort.
  4. 5Cr15 stainless steel
    Our engineers selected the 5Cr15 stainless steel on this knife for 3 reasons: - the steel is sufficiently strong to hold the wire long enough, as in cutting branches or treating venison for 2 hours. - the steel is soft enough to allow easy sharpening thanks to a hardness of around 56 HRC, and to recover the wire in a few passes on a sharpening base - the steel has a good resistance to corrosion due to its chemical composition.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Blade (for knife) : 100.0% Stainless steel Handle : 100.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
  2. Product information
    Stainless steel and resistant 13cm fixed blade knife. The synthetic rubber handle gives it excellent grip and good cutting precision. Perfect for hunting and bushcraft.