Abdo Mat Abs Cushion

€ 18.00

Designed for making abs workouts easier.

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Product benefits Designed for making abs workouts easier.
  1. User comfort
    The ergonomic shape supports your lower back
  2. Stability
    This product will give you more stability for abs/core strength exercises
Product feature
  1. Makes your back safe during abs workouts.
    We often arch our backs too much during abs exercises, particularly when performing raising or lowering movements. This can lead to serious pain and even cause lumbago if we train hard regularly. This mat has an ergonomic design and is made from comfortable material to help avoid these kinds of problems. Just slide the Abs Mat under your lower back and it will provide all the support you need during your workout. .
  2. Makes core strengthening exercises more comfortable.
    Who hasn't suffered from sore elbows or forearms during core strength training exercises? This mat can help as it offers a stable surface to rest your forearms on. You will feel the difference straight away as the Abs Mat is made from comfortable compact foam. You'll be able to train longer for a more effective workout.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Foam : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)
  2. Product information
    Supports the back during abs exercises and makes core strength training a more comfortable experience.