Maoke 500 - Cable Lock Women's All-Mountain Snowboard Boots

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Designed for the intermediate snowboarder who is looking for boots with good foot support to go fast on all terrain.

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Product benefits
  1. Fit
    Ergonomic 15 mm foam heel wedge: good foot support at high speed.
  2. Easy opening / closing
    Cable Lock: very powerful tightening with a wheel and cable.
  3. Thermal insulation
    EVA sole, 80% air to insulate from cold ground.
  4. Rigidity
    Medium flex for effectively steering the board at high speed.
  5. Fitting comfort
    Firm foam for a good comfort / support compromise. Thermoformable liner.
  6. Traction
    Ultralight sole with large studs for good grip on all types of snow
  7. Cushioning
    Ultralight sole made of EVA 80% air for lightness and cushioning.
Product feature
  1. CABLE LOCK clamping system
    Cable Lock: very powerful fastening wheel with cable. Simply turn the wheel to tighten. Effortlessly, you powerfully tighten your boot. A 1/4 turn in the opposite direction and the system is opened, making it easy to open up its tongue.
  2. Boot flex/stiffness
    The flex of the Maoke 500 is medium. It suits people who hold a curve with a lot of speed (need a stiff boot) but it also allows them to be responsive during small turns or surprise bumps that require a rapid flexion-extension of the legs. Both flex and heel support are better than the Maoke 300 boot.
  3. Heel support: level 2 liner
    Foot support is essential when snowboarding, to be able to correctly steer your board (foot in the liner, and liner in the boot). The level 2 liner applies 5 concepts: 1. liner that’s thermoformable at home 2. "Ergonomic Heel Pad" malleolus foam 3. "2 points + strap" liner tightening 4. "Hook & Loop Link" between liner and boot 5. double layer of foam at the tongue on the instep, support and comfort.
  4. 1. Self-thermoforming liner
    1. Heat your oven, rotary heat mode, to 80°C 2. Remove the inner soles from the liners, place the liners on the oven plate covered with a sheet of baking paper 3. Wait 15 minutes 4. Put the hygiene insoles back, put on a pair of ski/snowboard socks, put the liners on your feet and tighten them fully. 5. Put the boots on and tighten fully 5. Wait for 15 minutes, without moving. Repeat as often as you like. ONLY ON INTEGRATED OVEN 56x60x56 cm
  5. 2. "Ergonomic Heel Pad" malleolus foam
    The ankle foam fills the hollow below and behind the ankle to wedge the heel in place. The level 2 liner contains a foam made in an exclusive Wed'ze material and shape: - the shape was based on an average of 40 foot scans. It is perfect for holding the foot tightly and adapts to everyone, - the material: a soft but firm elastomer foam. You can feel the support as soon as you slip your feet inside. And when you're riding, you'll feel no hard areas.
  6. 3. "2 points + strap" liner fastening
    On this liner, we kept just 2 points of tightening with the laces: - at the instep - above the ankle At the top of the liner, we replaced the 3rd lacing point with a powerful clamping strap. We have therefore reduced the friction from the lace (2 points instead of 3) and used the clamping force to support the heel. On the upper part, the strap locks the liner even tighter over the shin.
  7. 4. Hook & Loop Link between the liner and boot
    We've added a rip-tab at the back between the liner and the boot. The aim? Limit slipping of the liner on the inside of the boot to help you better control your board because it is not enough to keep your foot in the liner: if the liner moves in your boot, you will not steer your board as effectively.
  8. 5. Double layer of foam at the tongue on the instep
    We have added a 2nd thickness of foam on the tongue, at the instep, for 2 reasons: - to help wedge the foot at the bottom of the liner - to increase comfort by preventing the lace from cutting off blood circulation in this high-tension area
  9. Insole
    This boot has a flat insole. It offers comfort and thermal insulation. If you feel you need to support your foot more securely in the liner, you have two options: - acquire a pre-formed sole at the level of the arch and heel - acquire a sole that’s thermoformable to your foot. This is the most efficient solution.
  10. Outsole: traction, grip, cushioning and thermal insulation
    Our Ultralight sole is only in EVA. EVA is a very light material with 80% air. This formulation is designed to resist abrasion while keeping its damping properties. It is naturally very insulating and protects against the cold rising from the ground. We designed in large studs to offer you very good grip. They are spaced quite far apart to prevent snow from getting stuck.
  11. Sole: grip, foothold, cushioning and thermal insulation
    Our new Ultralight sole is 100% EVA. EVA is a very light material (80% air). This composition is designed to resist abrasion without compromising its cushioning properties. It has natural insulating properties and protects from the cold coming up from the ground. We have added large lugs to give you excellent grip. They are spaced quite far apart for easy removal of snow.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Upper of : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU) Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer sole of : 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  2. Storage advice
    At the end of the day, remove the liners from the uppers to improve ventilation and dry quickly. Also, remove the inner sole from the liner to dry fully in one night.
  3. Product restrictions
    Thermoforming this liner will improve your comfort and support.
  4. Product information
    Powerful and precise clamping by wheel and cable for very good foot support. Light boot thanks to its EVA sole. Thermoformable liner.