26° Hybrid 500 Right Hand Size 1 & Low Speed

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Designed for making it easy to hit long distances all over the course.

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    Size : 26°
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Product benefits Designed for making it easy to hit long distances all over the course.
  1. Forgiveness
    Weighting positioned at rear and perimeter for maximum forgiveness
  2. Distance
    Light 58 g shaft and light club head weighting, generating extra speed
  3. Adjustable
    Non-adjustable loft.
Product feature
  1. The hybrid's benefits
    It is a forgiving club that lets you hit distance with high ball trajectory. Just sweep along the ground and the ball will rise by itself. The hybrid's wide sole also helps to avoid hitting the 'fat', which is especially visible on wet ground.
  2. How to choose a hybrid number?
    It is the loft sequence in your bag that determines the hybrid number selection (we recommend a difference of 3° between all clubs) A 19° hybrid is the equivalent of a 3-iron or 5-wood A 22° hybrid is the equivalent of a 4-iron or 7-wood A 26° hybrid is the equivalent of a 5-iron or 9-wood
  3. How to play with a hybrid?
    Hybrids are easier to play with than long irons. It is mainly recommended to use hybrids to play difficult lies and from the rough. Play with hybrid as if it were an iron. It is a quite a short club, which means the ball is positioned in the middle of your foot stance, and you also maintain the same position at address as an iron.
  4. Clubhead material
    Stainless steel clubhead.
  5. Loft
  6. Shaft
    Material: Graphite Flex: Lady Weight: 58 g Ref: INESIS 500 light shaft L
  7. Club length
    38.25 inches
  8. Grip
    Rubber grip - women's standard size S with colour markings making hand placement easier. ref: INESIS size S Grip
  9. Cover
    Head cover included: keep them on during the round to prevent club heads getting damaged (prevent scratches, impacts, etc.).
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Stainless steel Shaft : 100.0% Carbon Handle : 100.0% Rubber - Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) Main fabric : Top : 100.0% Polyester (PES)
  2. Storage advice
    Store your clubs in a dry place to prevent them from deteriorating.
  3. Product information
    it replaces the 5-iron. Perfect for playing out of the rough and in difficult lies