Club 700 Snooker/UK Cue in 2 Parts, 3/4 Jointed Extension

€ 37.00

Designed for intermediate snooker or English pool players developing towards an advanced level.

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Product benefits
  1. Precision
    Greater accuracy: ash shaft, 3/4 jointed and 10 mm glued tip.
  2. Grip
    Gain grip: rosewood butt, maple inserts and smooth finish.
  3. Easy transport
    Transport it in 2 parts thanks to its brass junction at 3/4 length.
  4. Easy assembly / dismantling
    Assemble the extension in an instant using the quick screw thread.
Product feature
  1. Weight and dimensions
    Your snooker cue measures 57" and weighs 19 oz. And in the metric system? That makes 145 cm and 540 g :)
  2. A bit of history... and geography... when playing pool.
    Ash is a particularly solid wood. So it can be made into thin shafts that are suited to the size of UK pool balls. Historically, snooker cues have been made of ash. Ash is a widespread wood in Europe. So it is a logical choice for the construction of English pool cues.
  3. Easy to transport, effective in play, and even reinforced at the heel: what are the features of your cue?
    Your pool cue unscrews into 2 parts halfway down the shaft to make it easier to transport. The steel junction provides high-quality tightening and masks the impression that you are playing with a 2-part cue. And with its standard screw thread, you can assemble and disassemble your cue in just a few turns. The heel of the butt (the part that you place on the ground!) is made of rubber: no chance of damaging the cue or the floor when waiting to take your next shot!
  4. A little tip from our billiards team:
    Pool is a matter of accuracy... and therefore of position. Take your time to find a position where you are both stable and relaxed. And a snooker table is large! Feel free to lean over and play with your chin almost glued to the cue.
  5. Did you know? You need to maintain the tip of your pool cue.
    The tip is the very end of your pool cue. This is the part you use to hit the ball: so it regularly wears out and gets replaced. If you have just replaced your tip or if you have a new pool cue, you need to "make" the tip. The goal is to sand the tip with sandpaper to remove the varnish, soften the leather, and break the angles so that the tip hits the ball evenly.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Shaft : 100.0% Wood - Hard Butt : 100.0% Wood - Hard Ferrulle : 100.0% Brass Tip : 100.0% Leather
  2. Approved by
    Corentin, Manon, Denis and Bérangère, members of the Geologic team and gold, silver, and bronze in French billiards.
  3. Storage advice
    Your pool cue is made of wood: to prevent it from losing its shape, we recommend storing it horizontally out of direct sunlight, humidity, and temperature changes :)
  4. Product information
    Looking for a snooker or English pool cue to take you to a higher level? This 3/4 ash pool cue with its extension will help you move to an advanced level.