CO2 Cartridge 20 g

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Designed for inflating the tyres on mountain bikes. Also suitable for hybrid and city bike tyres

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Product benefits Designed for inflating the tyres on mountain bikes. Also suitable for hybrid and city bike tyres
  1. Easy transport
    Sold without attachment system. Compatible with B'Twin universal system.
  2. Power
    Maximum pressure: mountain bike tyre:3.5 bars/50 PSI
  3. Ease of use
    Cartridge compatible with the B'Twin CO2 pump head.
  4. Compact design
    Weight: 75 gSize: 10,5 cm.
Product feature
  1. Weight
    Full cartridge: 75 gCO2: 20g.
  2. Inflating efficiency
    A 20g CO2 cartridge can inflate tyres to the following pressures: ROAD: not recommended MTB: 26x2.1: 3.5 bar/50 PSI MTB: 27.5x2.1: 3.0 bar/43 PSI MTB: 29x2.1: 2.5 bar/36 PSI Trekking: 700x35: 5.5 bar/80 PSI Trekking: 700x42: 4.0 bar/58 PSI
  3. Recommendations for use
    1) Screw the cartridge into the nozzle to pierce the cartridge so it's ready to use. 2) Hold the cartridge by the plastic cover to protect your hands from the cartridge cooling down while inflating. 3) Place the nozzle straight over the valve and push firmly to insert the valve into the nozzle in order to release the air.
  4. Puncture tips
    With your other hand, we recommend pushing on the outside of the tyre at the valve to prevent the valve from going into the tyre when you push the inflation nozzle down.
  5. Recycling
    The CO2 cartridge is composted of 100% steel and can therefore be recycled.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Bottle/Body : 100.0% Steel
  2. Storage advice
    WARNING! Contains pressurised gas; may explode in high heat. Store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
  3. Product restrictions
    Only use with the B'Twin inflation nozzle.
  4. Product information
    Fast, effective inflation (under 5 seconds ) Cartridge can be recycled.