Electric Assistance Folding Bike Tilt 500

€ 740.00
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Product benefits
  1. Easy transport
    Ride, fold, carry, store: 15s is all you need. You can't ride it when folded.
  2. Versatility
    Enjoy limitless adventures with electric assistance and 6 speeds!
  3. Compact design
    Folded L/H/W: 83 x 67 x 45cm. Unfolded L/H/W: 155 x 114 x 60cm
  4. Cycling comfort
    Ergonomic grips and saddle, height-adjustable stem
  5. Lifetime warranty
    B'TWIN offers a lifetime warranty on the frame (excl. hinge), stem and handlebar
Product feature
  1. Motor/battery
    Battery range: 35 km in economy mode/25 km in normal mode/20 km in sport mode (indicative information that may vary depending on the tyre pressure, the terrain, the conditions, and the weight of the rider). Battery: lifespan of 350 to 500 charge cycles. Warranty: 2 years. 250W brushless motor, 24V battery built into frame, 7.8 Ah electric assistance controlled by pedalling sensors. Motor torque: 26 Battery and charger supplied with the bike
  2. Frame
    Aluminium frame with built-in battery. The battery can be charged directly through the frame, or can be removed from its housing to be recharged at home or at work. Frame compatible with the B'TWIN TILT 20-inch pannier rack.
  3. Fork
    Steel fork.
  4. Drivetrain
    6 speeds with Shimano grip shifter. Shimano Tourney 6-speed rear derailleur. 52-tooth chainwheel.
  5. Brakes
    Aluminium V-brake callipers for powerful, progressive braking. Aluminium levers with rubber pads for added comfort. Braking cuts out the electric assistance. Remember: The brake pads on electrically-assisted bikes wear down more quickly than a classic bike due to the weight and power of the motor.
  6. Handlebar/stem/steering
    Fold-down, height-adjustable aluminium stem for added comfort. Quick release with automatic safety lever Semi-raised aluminium handlebars.
  7. Saddle/Seat post
    Anti-theft, anti-rotation aluminium seat post 34mm in diameter.
  8. Tyres/wheels
    Tyres with anti-puncture reinforcement. Size 20 x 1.75. We've developed these tyres using Skinwall technology for lower weight and higher performance.Double-walled rims for greater rigidity. Motor built into the rear wheel for improved steering control.
  9. Accessories/Equipment
    Battery-powered LED lighting at the front and rear with handlebar controls. This bike is compatible with the Tilt transport cover and the B'Twin pannier rack for folding bikes. The Tilt 500 E is not compatible with a child seat or a trailer.
  10. Care tips
    Tyres lose pressure over time. On average, they lose 1 bar/week. Remember to regularly pump up your tyres: Riding with under-inflated tyres reduces your battery range, requires more pedalling effort, and increases the risk of punctures. Before performing any work on your electric bike (cleaning, electrical or mechanical maintenance), you must turn off your electric bike and remove the battery. If you are not using your bike over the winter, charge it at least every 12 months.
  11. User size and weight
    The geometry of this bike offers optimal comfort for cyclists measuring between 1.45m and 1.85m. This bike meets the requirements of the ISO 4210 standard for a cyclist weighing 100kg.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame : 100.0% Aluminium
  2. Storage advice
    B’Twin recommends charging the battery after each ride. If it is flat, charge it as soon as possible. Irreparable damage may occur if the battery remains flat for too long.
  3. Product restrictions
    Not suitable for tricks.Meets standard for a 100kg cyclist
  4. Product information
    Are you looking for an electric bike that's easy to take with you? The TILT 500 E can be stored in your car boot and is perfect for weekday commutes and weekend rides.