FR 100 / PPR 100 Outdoor Free Table Tennis Bat - Grey

€ 2.70

Designed for beginning table tennis with this very durable bat.

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Product benefits Designed for beginning table tennis with this very durable bat.
  1. Durability
    Made from plastic (PP/SEBS) to withstand impacts and bad weather
  2. Control
    Soft rubber gives good ball control.
  3. Spin
    The rubber's grip gives you some spin.
  4. Speed
    Low power for more ball control.
Product feature
  1. Impact resistance
    The shape (protective reinforcements) and the material (polypropylene) make this bat very resistant to impacts (ideal for use in a family with children).
    The plastic materials used help the bat retain its appearance and play quality even after prolonged exposure outdoors.
  3. Ergonomics
    The shape of the handle and its grippy material (SEBS) make it easy to hold the bat and better control the ball.
    The 10-year warranty covers defects (other than scratches, rust, or discolouration) on the bat, except for those resulting from normal wear, institutional use, and abnormal use conditions. Under this warranty, we will exchange the defective bat. This commercial warranty does not exclude the legal warranties applicable to each country.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame : 70.0% Polypropylene, Frame : 30.0% Glass - Fiber Coating : 100.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber
  2. Storage advice
    Store your bat indoors or outdoors, it will still be like you just bought it.
  3. Product information
    This bat gives you a decent level of ball control: with a little bit of spin for some great rallies. It stands up to impacts and bad weather over time.