Girls' and Women's Relevé Pointes Shoes

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Designed for ballet dancers with strong enough ankles to practise pointe.

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Product benefits
  1. User comfort
    The elastomer insert offers comfort and softness.
  2. Easy to dance on tiptoe
    The design of the box/sole makes it easier to achieve full pointe.
Product feature
  1. What is the Relevé pointe shoe?
    The Relevé pointe shoes are an innovation with two advantages. Firstly, they are more comfortable than normal because the inside is covered with an elastomer that resembles silicone. It is soft and comfortable for your toes while you dance. Secondly, the shell/sole construction makes it easier to go en pointe. These technologies make the Relevé innovative and unique. No more pain, just the pure pleasure of ballet dancing and pointe.
  2. How to choose the right size?
    The size is the first thing you should check when trying on pointe shoes. You need to be standing up, feet parallel to each other and perfectly flat. Your toes should be touching the tip of the slipper but not pressed against it. You shouldn't leave any extra room in pointe shoes. Warning: dancing with pointe shoes that are too big is dangerous and painful. Each pair of pointes is unique and there is no left or right foot. It's up to the dancer to choose what feels best.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Upper of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer sole of : 100.0% Leather - Cow
  2. Approved by
    73% of testers found the Relevé pointe shoe to be more comfortable than a traditional pointe shoe (test carried out on a panel of 58 dancers).
  3. Storage advice
    Can be stored heel to toe, wrapped with the shoes' ribbons!
  4. Cleaning advice
    Leave to dry before putting in your bag to prevent deformation.
  5. Product restrictions
    Ankle must be strong enough: to be approved by the instructor.
  6. Product information
    Relevé, a ballet term, means "rising up on your toes". This is the name we've chosen for these new-generation pointe shoes. They are comfy to make dancing easier.
  7. Lab tested
    Our Research and Development teams have tested how comfortable the Relevé pointe shoes are (sensory analysis). As for our biomechanical tests, they show a 7% reduction in soleus muscle activity compared with traditional specialist pointe shoes. The soleus