Gooster Mussels Sea Fishing Bottom Groundbait 2 kg

€ 7.00

Designed for float sea fishing.

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    Size : 2kg
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Product benefits Designed for float sea fishing.
  1. Palatability
    Mussels are especially attractive to sea bream.
  2. Sticking properties
    Sticky bait with medium granularity.
Product feature
  1. Legal name
    Food supplement for cyprinid fish.
  2. Composition
    White breadcrumbs, ground wheat, shrimp shell flour, mussel flour, amber breadcrumbs, oyster shells, sand. Additive: Mussel flavouring 0.2%.
  3. Analytic constituants and levels
    Raw protein: 23% Raw fat: 3% Raw materials: 35% Crude fibre: 5%
  4. Identification number
Product testing
  1. Product restrictions
    Keep out of reach of children
  2. Product information
    Perfect bait for anglers looking for sea broom fish such as sea bream or white sea bream.