Hard surfboard 9'4 Longboard 900. Comes with 1 fin.

€ 460.00

Designed for regular or expert longboarders surfing in small and medium-sized waves.

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Product benefits Designed for regular or expert longboarders surfing in small and medium-sized waves.
  1. Robustness
    Wood fibreglass sandwich construction, epoxy, resistant to dings.
  2. Glide performance
    Relaxed rocker for easy take off in small waves. Concave front
  3. Ease of handling
    Square back, single mounted with 1 central fin FCS2 system.
  4. Lightweight
    7.1 kg with fins.
  5. Stability
    Nose ride shape for easier paddling and take-off on small waves.
  6. Grip
    Wax before use. Base coat + wax. Adhesive rear pad can be added.
Product feature
  1. Programme
    Best in small waves peaking at hip level. Generous shape makes paddling and setting off easy, whatever the conditions. Avoid very hollow waves.
  2. Dimensions
    Volume (L):74 Weight (kg): 7.1 including fins Dimensions (inches): 9'4 x 23" x 3" 1/8 Dimensions (cm): 284 x 58.3 x 8
  3. Shaper
    Jeremy Smith (Hendaye)
  4. Construction
    Top of the range sandwich, EPS core, organically sourced epoxy resin, wood veneer that gives you a light and very sturdy board. The wood veneer helps reduce the risk of dings and dents on the deck. In addition, the use of wood instead of a layer of PVC reduces the environmental impact. The wood comes from FSC-certified plantations (Forest Stewardship Council). Foam base machined on CNC machine. Durable construction.
  5. Shape
    TAIL: SQUARE TAIL => More radical rail-to-rail transition BOTTOM: Concave to double concave => The concave at the front helps improve the speed of the board when it is flat (when taking off for example). The double concave provides control and softens the behaviour of the board.ROCKER: Low (6.4%) Makes it easier to take off on the wave and lets you move on the board
  6. Fin assembly
    Central fin with screwless FCS 2 system, slots together.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Board : 25.0% Epoxy, Board : 25.0% Expanded Polystyrene, Board : 25.0% Glass - Fiber, Board : 20.0% Wood, Board : 5.0% Acrylic Board fin : 100.0% Polyamide
  2. Approved by
    Our ambassadors
  3. Storage advice
    Use a carry bag. Avoid strong heat sources (e.g.: inside a vehicle in full sun)
  4. Product restrictions
    Avoid shore break waves and very hollow waves.
  5. Product information
    Nose rider longboard. Ideal for getting started in small waves. Supplied with a centre fin. Developed in our design centre in Hendaye on the Basque coast.
  6. Lab tested
    Designed and tested by our surfer design teams in Hendaye (France).