Kids' 14-Inch Bike 100 (3-4.5 Years) - Arctic

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Product benefits
  1. Ease of learning
    Difficulty getting on the bike? The lower frame makes it easier to mount.
  2. Brake control
    "Stop easy" is an exclusive braking system adapted to small hands.
  3. Ease of use
    Ready to ride with stabilisers (removable).
  4. Bike safety
    The chain guard protects the child from the parts of the drivetrain.
  5. Durability
    Steel frame. Aluminium rims.
  6. Brake control
    "Stop easy" is an exclusive braking system adapted to small hands.
Product feature
  1. Stop Easy innovation: a patented braking system designed for children.
    More accessible brakes and a more comfortable grip are the main benefits of our Stop Easy system. For more natural movement, the brake lever is pressed parallel to the handlebars. Whilst progressive, this innovative brake lever also provides 30% more braking power compared to a conventional brake lever. An innovation from our B'Twin team, loved by both parents and children.
  2. Brake type
    We've chosen to use cantilever brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear to enable progressive braking.
  3. Why this frame shape?
    The frame of this brake, designed by our teams, is a V-shape: lowered at the centre, it has an easier step-through when the child mounts and dismounts from the bike.
  4. Wheels / tyres
    These tyres are equipped with an inner tube (inflatable). We've chosen to use real tyres to help overcome obstacles (pavements, etc.) and for a good grip on everyday terrain (paths, grass, etc.).
  5. Ready to leave the stabilisers behind?
    The stabilisers can be removed using a size 6 BTR (Allen) spanner.
  6. What about comfort?
    We've carefully considered children's body shapes: the width of the handlebars and the diameter of the grips are designed for their small hands. The foam saddle provides a comfortable seat.
  7. The bike that grows with your child!
    The saddle is height-adjustable to adapt as your child grows. The height of the saddle can be set between 43.5 and 50.5 cm.
  8. What is a guard for?
    To prevent children from putting their fingers where they shouldn't, the mechanical elements of the drive train (crank, chain, freewheel, etc.) are surrounded by the guard. It also prevents the risk of laces getting caught and clothes being dirtied. The decorations are set into the plastic of the guard for greater durability.
  9. What accessories are supplied with the bike?
    A bell, front and rear lights, wheel reflectors (fixed onto the spokes) and small stabiliser wheels are supplied with the bike.
  10. Dimensions of the assembled product
    Length: 98 cm Width: 42 cm Height: 62 cm
  11. What if I order online?
    The bike will be delivered ready to go! With the stabilisers and pedals already fitted, your child will be able to ride as soon the bike is out of its packaging! Pack dimensions: 95 x 42 x 68 cm
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Chassis : 100.0% Steel
  2. Product restrictions
    Wear a cycling helmet. Maximum user weight: 30kg
  3. Product information
    Simple and robust with a low step-through, this bike with stabilisers allows your child to learn to cycle at their own pace. No risk of small fingers getting caught thanks to the chain guard.