Kids' Cross-Country Ski Overtrousers XC S Overp 150 - Black

€ 27.00

Designed for cross-country skiers wanting to protect themselves from the wind and snow.

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Product benefits Designed for cross-country skiers wanting to protect themselves from the wind and snow.
  1. Easy opening / closing
    Full zip on the sides for easily adjusting your outfit.
  2. Freedom of movement
    Provides good freedom of movement even when wearing tights underneath.
  3. Windproof
    Windproof component to protect you from the wind and hence the cold.
  4. Breathability
    RET=6 eliminates the water vapour generated through perspiration.
  5. Warmth
    Standard fit and not too loose fitting in order to prevent heat loss.
  6. Water repellent
    Water-repellent component that makes snow slide off (10,000 schmerber).
  7. Easy maintenance
    The synthetic material is machine washable and does not require ironing.
  8. Lightweight
    290 g in size 10 years.
Product feature
    Standard fit with enough space inside for wearing tights underneath.
    So that your children are protected during their cross-country skiing outings, we've designed some water-repellent clothing. The water repellent property of a fabric is its ability to make water run off its surface without absorbing it. The water repellent property is obtained by applying a treatment to the outer surface of the fabric. This treatment needs to be restored during the lifetime of the garment (every 3 washes).
  3. How to dress your child for their cross-country ski outings?
    Follow the 3-layer technique. Layer 1: second skin (high-tech base layer) that transfers moisture away from the body and keeps your skin dry. Layer 2: insulating (T-shirt, fleece) layer that provides warmth and transfers moisture outwards. Layer 3: outer protective (jacket) layer that protects from the weather conditions: wind, snow and cold. The feet, hands and head are the most exposed parts of the body and, therefore, the parts most in need of protection.
  4. Why should you protect yourself from the wind?
    Did you know that your wind makes you feel colder? With an outside temperature of 0°C and a 20 km/h wind, the perceived temperature is -10°C. So-called "windproof" components help to reduce this wind chill by blocking the air flow resulting from the true wind and the forward motion of your activity.
  5. Why is it important to wear breathable clothing for cross-country skiing?
    To avoid getting wet, wear breathable clothing that eliminates water vapour generated by perspiration. We measure its evaporative resistance = RET RET <6: extremely breathable, ideal for most intense physical efforts RET btw 6 & 12:very breathable, suitable for moderate physical efforts RET between 12 & 20: moderately breathable, not particularly pleasant when making physical effort RET >20: not very breathable and therefore not very suitable when making physical effort RET >40: not breathable
  6. A score for comparing the products' environmental impact
    The environmental impacts of the product are calculated over its entire life cycle using different indicators. An overall score from A to E is given to help you easily identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing products of the same type (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.). Decathlon actively promotes this environmental rating system. For more information:
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Inner fabric : 100.0% Polyamide
  2. Storage advice
    Keep on a hanger or folded in a clean, dry place.
  3. Product information
    The 150 trousers are very practical thanks to their loose fit that can be worn over a base layer and full zip opening at the sides. It allows you to adapt your outfit to your body temperature.
  4. Lab tested
    Our design team is based at the foot of the Mont-Blanc, in Haute-Savoie (France). All of our products are tested in the field under real-life conditions by our panel of professional instructors and coaches as well as regular cross-country skiers. Our clot