Men's Mountain Trekking Down Jacket - TREK 900 DOWN - black

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Designed for mountain trekking for several days in very cold weather

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Product benefits Designed for mountain trekking for several days in very cold weather
  1. Durability
    Strengthened shoulder panels and cuffs for abrasion resistance
  2. Warmth
    Comfortable between -5°C and -18C°. RDS down with a fill power of 660 CUIN
  3. Compact design
    Can be stuffed into its inner pocket to save space in the backpack.
  4. Weight
    This down jacket weighs approximately 550 g in size L.
  5. Ventilation
    Ventilation zips to release the heat generated by the body
  6. Water repellent
    Completely water repellent fabric. Waterproof hood and shoulder inserts.
  7. Pockets
    2 hand pockets, 1 zipped chest pocket. 2 mesh inner pockets.
Product feature
  1. Feather origin
    Ethical down certified by RDS (Responsible Down Standard). Thanks to our traceability system, we can guarantee the origin of the feathers, in compliance with our commitment to use responsibly sourced materials. Our suppliers are committed to using only feathers that come from ducks that are bred for their meat and which are plucked after slaughtering.
  2. Fill Power of the down/feather filling
    This 85% down / 15% feather down jacket has a guaranteed fill power equal or above 660 CUIN (European standard). The fill power is a measure of the down's thermal insulation capacity and its potential to "trap" air. Consequently, the higher the fill power (i.e. the higher the CUIN number), the more space it occupies and the more air it traps thereby delivering more thermal insulation.
  3. Weight of the filling
    S: 190 g M: 200 g L: 210 g XL: 223 g 2XL: 236 g 3XL: 249 g
  4. The advantages of a duck down and feather filling
    The down's long-lasting fill power gives it 3 important qualities for hiking: - Thermal insulation thanks to the air trapped in the down and feathers - Ultra-lightweight: to provide equal warmth, feathers are lighter than synthetic wadding. This saves even more weight in your backpack - Ultra-compressible
  5. Care instructions for jackets filled with down and feathers
    The down jacket can be worn throughout the winter and will certainly need to be washed. Follow the instructions by clicking the link below:
  6. Thermal insulation
    This padded jacket, worn as a 3rd layer, has been certified for a comfort temperature of -18° during a standardised test in a thermal chamber. The mannequin wears a synthetic long-sleeved t-shirt and a light fleece underneath. It walks with a simulated 5 km/h wind. In our heat comparison tool, it represents 4 stars. We have also tested this model in "static" mode; the comfort temperature is -5° in this case.
  7. In the event of rain
    The fabric of this down jacket is water repellent. It makes drops of water run off the surface, which delays the time it takes for water to get inside the down jacket, giving you time to get out of the rain. The shoulders and hood of the down jacket, more exposed to the rain, are waterproof. However, we advise you to wear a waterproof jacket over the down jacket in case of prolonged exposure to rain.
  8. How to reactivate the water repellent property?
    Follow the guide: And use the care product: Wash-in waterproofing product that restores the water repellent properties It restores the water repellent properties of the fabric and optimises the performance of your garment throughout its lifetime.
  9. Reducing the loss of feathers
    The main stitching of the compartments containing the down and feather are heat-sealed to prevent the loss of feathers
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Padding : 85.0% Grey duck down, Padding : 15.0% Grey duck feather Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide Yoke (General) : 100.0% Polyamide Pocket : 74.0% Polyester (PES), Pocket : 26.0% Elasthane
  2. Storage advice
    Store on a hanger in a clean and dry place. Do not store folded in the pocket
  3. Product restrictions
    Not suitable for prolonged exposure to rain.
  4. Product information
    Confront the extreme cold with this jacket filled with RDS certified down and feathers. It’s the warmest in the range!