OnNight 710 Trail Running Head Torch 300 Lumens - Black/Orange

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Designed for lighting your way and avoiding obstacles when trail running

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Product benefits
  1. Power
    300 lumens on high, 120 lumens on low and 30 lumens on the ambient setting
  2. Autonomy
    3hr at 300lm (lumens), 6hr at 120lm & 12hr at 30lm. Charge with micro USB
  3. Stability
    Weight is well distributed on a wide strap for optimal comfort when moving.
  4. Visual efficiency
    range of 75m (high), 45m (low) and 5m (ambient)
  5. Versatility
    4 lighting modes: ambient, eco, high & flash
  6. Weight
    120 g
  7. Waterproof
    Weather resistant (IPX4)
  8. Rechargeable
    Charge with Micro USB. Battery indicator light. Cable included.
Product feature
    The ONNIGHT 710 headlamp has several light settings to suit your different needs. - high (300lm) for distant lighting - low (120lm) for increased autonomy - ambient (30lm) for close range or reading a map - flash (300lm) for warning The high and eco settings have a 50lm reserve for when the battery has discharged, giving you 1 more hour of light before turning off.
    The internal rechargeable battery (Lithium-ion de 2300 mAh) in the ONNIGHT 710 head torch is compatible with all types of standard micro USB cables. A battery indicator light behind the torch indicates available battery life. It turns on for a few seconds when the torch is turned on. Plug your headlamp battery into your nomad charger (not included) with the angle cable provided for extra autonomy for long runs.
    The wide beam of the ONNIGHT 710 effectively lights up the first few metres in front of you and provides a long range beam of 75m on the high setting.
    Constant LED lighting:the intensity of the light does not vary as the battery discharges. The LED CREE XPG2 provides both a powerful beam (300 lumens) and long battery life (3 hours on high setting)
    Made in two pieces, the DECATHLON ONNIGHT 710 distributes the weight on the head. Front: a lightweight lighting unit (35g) reduces the pendulum sensation. Rear: comfortable foam around the rechargeable battery (90g) reduce stress on the neck.
    Composition: 70% polyester and 30% natural rubber for optimal comfort. The adjustable strap on the ONNIGHT 710 suits all head sizes – children and adults.
    DECATHLON products are guaranteed 2 years. At Decathlon, our customers are "satisfied or satisfied" so don't hesitate to return your headlamp if it is defective.
    DECATHLON parts are available for 2 years after purchase at your local store workshop.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC) Inner fabric : 100.0% Battery - Li Po Main fabric : Bottom : 100.0% Aluminium Lens : 100.0% Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
  2. Storage advice
    If storing your head torch for a long period of unuse, recharge the battery completely to preserve performance.
  3. Product restrictions
    Do not submerge the product
  4. Product information
    The extra-powerful and rechargeable ONNIGHT 710 head torch is the ideal night trail running accessory. Quick switch and mixed beam for optimal visual comfort
  5. Lab tested
    At DECATHLON, all our products are field tested by a panel of users. These tests are organised by a team of technicians dedicated to this task. The product managers, engineers and the entire team use the results of all these tests to develop, create and d