Original 900 E Electric Hybrid Bike

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Product benefits
  1. Autonomy
    Mode 1: up to 70km, mode 2: up to 50km and mode 3 up to 30km.
  2. Cycling comfort
    Front / rear suspension, adjustable stem, gel saddle and ergonomic grip.
  3. Ease of use
    Change gear with a single motion using the 7-speed trigger.
  4. Easy reading
    Wide, contrasted, accessible from the handlebars. Keep an eye on your screen.
  5. Bike safety
    When you brake, the rear brake light will light up.
  6. Adjustable
    Height- and tilt-adjustable saddle and handlebars: optimised comfort
Product feature
  1. How to choose your size
    2 sizes available: Size S/M from 1.45m to 1.74m. Size L/XL from 1.75m to 1.95m. If you're between 2 sizes: Choose the smaller size for greater manoeuvrability and comfort (straighter back). Choose the larger size for a more stretched out position (better suited to speed).
  2. 0, 1, 2 or 3: choosing your assistance mode
    Walking mode - Assistance when walking Mode 0 – Assistance deactivated. Mode 1 - Assistance up to 17Km/h - battery life of around 70km under normal conditions. Mode 2 - Assistance up to 22Km/h - battery life of around 50km under normal conditions. Mode 3 - Assistance up to 25Km/h - battery life of around 30km under normal conditions. (please note: your battery life will be severely reduced in the event of prolonged use).
  3. Motor: use those watts!
    Brushless 250-watt motor in the rear wheel hub. 30Nm torque.
  4. Battery
    lithium-ion 36v 11.6 Ah (418Wh). Supplied with two locking keys. Charge time: 6h30. Weight: 2.64 kg. We recommend recharging the battery after each use. To put it to sleep: press the stop/start button on the battery for 10 seconds until the LEDs switch off.
  5. Backlit control screen
    LCD screen, backlit for better visibility both day and night. Displays: speed, time, distance covered and overall distance, remaining, battery power and selected mode. To access the configuration parameters simply: - Keep the + and - buttons pressed. - Press the + or - buttons to select the desired value for each parameter. - Press the start/stop button to proceed to the next parameter.
  6. A full suspension frame designed for an easy ride
    Our engineers designed this hybrid aluminium frame with lower geometry to make it easier to get on the bike. This frame provides greater comfort than ever. The Original 900 E is equipped with an Odessa spring front suspension fork (1" 1/8 pivot in steel) with 63mm travel and rear spring suspension. To adjust the rear suspension, turn the locking ring located directly behind it (this can be done without tools).
  7. Derailleurs and drivetrain: enjoy the speed!
    7 speeds which use a quick and easy to use trigger to change between them. In detail: - Shimano TZ 500 7-speed freewheel. - Single chainwheel: 38 teeth- Cogs: 14 / 28.- Anti-corrosion chain. - Rear derailleur: SRAM X3.- SRAM Trigger x - 3 shifter. - Anti-derailment ring.
  8. Hybrid tyres: put rubber to the road
    The Original 900 E is equipped with B'Twin Trekking hybrid road and trail tyres so you can go anywhere. The recommended pressure is a minimum of 3.0 bar and a maximum of 4.0 bar (details on tyre sidewall). Dimensions: - Size S/M: 26" x 1.75. - Size L/XL: 28" x 1.75.A little plus: Self-healing inner tube.
  9. Double-walled wheels
    Set off on an adventure with the Original 900 E equipped with double-walled aluminium wheels. To transport your bike, the quick-release on the front wheel makes it easy to remove. 36-spoke front and rear wheels. Wheel diameter: - Size S/M: 26 inches. - Size L/XL: 28 inches.
  10. Brake safely
    Two V-Brake pads for effective braking. The two steel callipers are equipped with pads that exercise pressure on the rim to slow or stop the rotation of the wheels. Aluminium brake levers. A little plus: when you brake the rear brake light will light up.
  11. Handlebars, steering, stem: maintain control
    Semi-raised steel handlebars (620mm). 1" aluminium stem 90mm long, adjustable and tiltable. B'Twin ergonomic grips.
  12. Saddle be comfortable
    Because it's important that your seat position is adapted to your riding style, our teams developed the exclusive B'Twin Ergofit gel saddle. Graduated aluminium seat post for easier adjustment. Collar dimensions = 32mm. Seat post diameter = 27.2mm. Tool-free saddle height adjustment (quick-release).
  13. Crankset / Pedals
    The Original 900 E is supplied with hybrid one-piece plastic pedals. 170mm long aluminium cranks. 38-tooth aluminium chainwheel. Plastic guard.
  14. Accessories
    Your Original 900 E is supplied with a bell, lights (front/rear), wheel reflectors and pedals. Depending on the accessory type and size of the bike, the frame is compatible with: - a seat bag - rear pannier For further details, please ask a sales advisor.
  15. Weight
    25.5kg in size M without pedals. 26kg in size L without pedals. 22.9kg in size M without battery. 23.4kg in size L without battery. The bike is supplied with B'Twin pedals. The total weight (bike+cyclist) should not exceed 120kg.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Frame (for bike) : 100.0% Aluminium
  2. Storage advice
    Store in a dry place.When storing for a prolonged period, put the battery in sleep mode. Do not store the battery discharged (1 green LED flashing).
  3. Product restrictions
    Not compatible with mountain bike, BMX, and baby carrier use.
  4. Product information
    Easily break up your rides! Use the electrical assistance to extend your efforts and feel the difference with a range of up to 70km.
  5. Lab tested
    Before reaching stores, our bikes are tested by many hybrid bike enthusiasts. They ride several thousands of kilometres to be properly approved. These tests enable us to guarantee comfort, ease of use and versatility to meet your expectations.