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Product benefits
  1. Power
    High energy conservation over medium distances (max 30 m)
  2. Precision
    Average group for 10 shots at 25m: 40mm.
  3. Aerodynamics
    Ballistic coefficient (G1): 0.016
Product feature
  1. Calibre
    4.5 mm.
  2. Weight
  3. Shape
    Pointed head, smooth skirt.
  4. Quantity
    x300 pellets.
  5. Accuracy
    Average group for 10 shots at 25m: 40mm. This figure may vary depending on the type of firearm. 30 metre maximum distance for use.
  6. Minimum energy recommended for the weapon.
    A minimum power of 16 joules is recommended to use this heavy pellet.
  7. Recommendations for safe use
    Only shoot in a safe environment. Beware of ricochets. Always wear protective glasses when shooting.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Main part : 100.0% Lead
  2. Product restrictions
    For use in a rifle with a muzzle energy over 16 joules
  3. Product information
    Heavy pointed pellet provides energy conservation for use with metal targets. This product must be used in a rifle with a muzzle energy of at least 16 joules.