Pilates Stretching Inflatable Balance Cushion 100

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Designed for working on proprioception during instability and improving your balance.

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Product benefits
  1. Versatility
    Rehabilitation (knees, ankles) and strengthening your abs.
Product feature
  1. What is proprioception?
    Proprioception is your ability to perceive where your body is in space, whether consciously or not. It uses numerous receptors that tell your brain what position your various body parts are in. It affects your balance and reflexes. By doing regular exercise, you will improve your proprioception, gain mobility and reduce the risk of injury.
  2. What exercises can you do with your accessory?
    Don't know which exercise to start with, or how to get your posture right? Take a look at the website. Our design team and qualified sports coaches have developed a coaching service to guide you.
  3. How to adjust your Balance Soft Disc
    Firstly, you should not be able to feel the ground through the cushion once on top of it. If you can feel the ground, inflate it using a pump with a needle. Then you can find the right level of difficulty for you: the more inflated it is, the less your balance is challenged. Conversely, the less you inflate your Balance Soft Disc, the more stable you will be. Finally, the pimpling provides further instability and stimulates blood circulation.
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Board : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Phtalate free
  2. Product restrictions
    Max. user weight: 110 kg.
  3. Product information
    Rehab your knees and ankles with this balance disc. Also, work on your proprioception and strengthen your balance.