PPT 530 Free Table Tennis Table

€ 320.00

Designed for playing free ping pong several times per month.

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    Size : 5mm
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Product benefits
  1. Easy to move
    Easily move your table thanks to the 4 large wheels.
  2. Easy opening / closing
    Quick opening/closing system with four safety locks.
  3. Stability
    Good stability thanks to the adjustable legs, 2 brakes and 40mm feet.
  4. Durability
    The tabletops and frame withstand adverse weather and UV light.
  5. Bounce
    5 mm melamine tabletop. 45 x 15mm galvanised steel frame.
Product feature
    Weight: 61 kg.Table dim. when unfolded: 274 x 169 x 76 cm (without net) (L x W x H). Table dim. when folded: 83 x 169 x 167 cm. Box dimensions: 144 x 163 x 12 cm.
    Each tabletop has four automatic locking points so that it can be locked in the open or closed position (it can be folded up for playing alone). Two safety locks for quickly locking and unlocking each tabletop.
    This table has four 40mm-diameter legs whose height can be adjusted (50mm) to work on any type of terrain. The two brakes let you lock the wheels for more stability.
    The four 25 cm wheels let you easily move your table over any type of ground, even very uneven ground.
    Easily play and store your table: its melamine tabletops and rust-proof metal frame let you store it indoors and out.
    The two 5 mm melamine tabletops give you good bounce quality for better rallies with your opponents.
    The 10-year warranty covers defects (other than scratches, rust, or discolouration) on the table, except for those resulting from normal wear and abnormal use conditions. It will only be granted upon presentation of a sales receipt. Under this warranty, we will exchange the defective parts or table tennis table. This commercial warranty does not exclude the legal warranties applicable to each country. http://sav-table-ping-pong.artengo.com/fr/garanties
Product testing
  1. Composition
    Structure : 100.0% Steel Board : 100.0% Melamine (MF) Handle : 100.0% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
  2. Approved by
    Table in compliance with European Standard EN14468-1.
  3. Storage advice
    You can store your table outdoors or indoors. Avoid areas that are damp or exposed to strong winds. Protect it with a table cover so that it lasts longer.
  4. Product restrictions
    The table may tip over if stored upright & exposed to the wind.
  5. Product information
    The PPT 530 table is easy to move so that you can use it anywhere, indoors or outdoors. It is strong and stable, making it your ideal playing partner.
  6. Lab tested
    The table has been tested to European standards at our test labs and on the table tennis court to put it through its paces in real playing conditions.